I now have the decorum of an East-sider

Well, I’ve moved. I’m now an east-sider, & I walk to work (most days). I haven’t really unpacked most of my stuff yet. I just don’t have the motivation to.

I want to see ppl. I want to be surrounded by the ppl I care about. I think it’s because I feel somewhat isolated. I remember when I lived on the west-side, & ppl would ask me to come over to the east-side for something, & I would decline.

I would say things like:
“well, if it wasn’t on the east-side, I’d totally be there”.

Like that was my valid excuse?!?! It seems a lil ridiculous to me now, as an east-sider to think that I said that. But I did, & didn’t think anything wrong with it.

Sometimes, I really don’t think about what I say, huh?

In other news, I finally bought new rechargeable batteries for my digi-cam, so I’ll be posting pics once again. Yea!

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