the peg-leg wants to be a priest.

Hello, can you say “Delusions of Grandeur”? This is insane!

Did you guys see that Sir Paul’s lawyer left court with her head all wet b/c Heather Mills dumped a glass of water on her?!?! She told reporters that she was “baptized in court”. Uh…
♬♪♫ crazy ♬♪♫

Anyway, I think we all know from my previous post that I was no fan of hers from the onslaught. But it does irritate me how some women* marry a rich man for a few years, & then feel entitled to a ton of money. [ * I ain’t sayin she’s a gold-digga, but she ain’t messin w/ no broke…. ]

Now, I can understand if they were married for a long time (10-30 yrs). In many cases, they struggled to make it happen before one of them got their break. But they BOTH went through that, & relied on each other to get to that point.

But c’mon now peggy, you can’t be serious. I’m sick of ppl saying that they’ve “acclimated” to a lifestyle. Please! It was 4 years! If you lived your whole life with 2 legs & then one is taken away from you, you simply adapt, & learn to deal with having a peg-leg attached to you. You ADAPT.

Peggy’s getting paid. And their child gets $70,000 a year, plus Sir Paul pays her school & nanny fees. And seriously, she said it was a “paltry amount” & “She’s obviously meant to travel B class while her father travels A class”. Yeah, peggy, obviously.

We all know how much Sir Paul cares about his kids, & I highly doubt he would trivialize anything for any of them. This whole thing is so ridiculous.

Why is it annoying me SO incredibly much, you ask? It’s because when they 1st met & got married, he thought she was it. But it turned out she wasn’t. I’m having issues with that. How does anyone know when someone is it? Esp when you find out they’re not? You try to keep faith & believe, but I don’t think Sir Paul’s gonna open his heart again to another woman ever.

And the thought of any person doing that makes me sad.

5 thoughts on “the peg-leg wants to be a priest.

  1. Hi there!
    I don’t think Heather was “it”, Linda was “it”. He’d been with her so long and she died so young, and he met Mills about a year later and found out the hard way she’s no Linda.

    I guess there is no way to know if someone is “it” until they’re just “not it”. The trick would be to figure it out before you have a wedding and children.

  2. Yeah, I don’t think he ever believed the peg-leg was “it”. In my previous post (from 5/2006), I mentioned how when Linda passed, he said how he’d just lost his gf & that was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever heard.

    I think he just thought enough of the peg-leg & respected her enough as a person to grow older w/ her. But I think she let him down hard-core. I think it’s sad when someone turns out to be someone completely different than you thought.

  3. you’re certainly right that she hasn’t done herself or Sir Paul any favors, looks like status kinda got to her head.
    That is a really sweet thing to say…I think the guy just got caught up in something, like you say, where she turned out to be a different person than he thought. And because he’d been through what he’d been through with Linda, it’s not like he was seeing all that clear anyway. ;( Wonder what the kids think of all this craziness. Ouch.

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