displaced by the displaced

Well, it’s official. The homeless ppl are movin into my apt, & I’m out.

I thought I’d take a min to tell you about my old apt. It was the 2nd floor of a house that overlooked Edgewater Park & Lake Erie. I had a front balcony from the living room, so I spent a TON of time out there watching the beauty in front of me.

The trees, the lake, the greenery. The changing of the colors, & eventually, the snow shimmering down on it all. I remember one night recently, everyone woke up to everything being covered in this light, glittery snow.

Except me. Cause I was up & out on my balcony from 3:30 am watching it all come down, flake by flake. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, so I was just up & went out there to watch it come down. It wasn’t freezing cold, so my down jacket (hat & gloves) kept me toasty warm.

I’m gonna miss that.

It was hardwood flooring, w/ real woodwork & trim everywhere. There were some built-in shelves w/ these delicate glass doors on them (to keep out dust). And the glass was BEVELED! In the dining room, there was a lil sitting area under the windows, & shelves underneath. 2 nice-sized bedrooms.

It’s fine though. Everything happens for a reason. I’m about to move to the East-side, just to the top of the hill at Little Italy. I’ve only ever lived on the West-side (over 20-odd years). Maybe I need to be away from everything I’ve ever known for a while.

3 thoughts on “displaced by the displaced

  1. wow…how exciting! I’m sure it will be a little awkward at first, but you will have a wonderful neighborhood to adjust to. And Little Italy is really gorgeous in a snowstorm!!!
    The East side seems so far and different from the West, it will be new and exciting for you, but you’re not too far away from familiar territory…in other words, don’t feel isolated.

    Good luck I think you’ll do fine!

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