You know you wanna vote sum mo’….

Ok, folks… so my dear friend Steph has entered her ever-lovin kitty in a contest. I’m counting on all of yous to help ‘Stache win this thing! If you met him, you’d totally be ALL about him!!!

Here’s his entry:

I’m Mustache. The person who takes care of me, Stephanie, has entered me in The Humane Society of the United States’ Spay Day USA Pet Photo Contest, presented by Nature’s Miracle and Zoombak. Now I need your vote to help me win some cool prizes. Go here to vote for me!

To celebrate Spay Day USA (February 26), The Humane Society of the United States is telling everyone that spaying and neutering improves pets’ lives. In addition to making pets better, more affectionate companions, spaying and neutering helps animals live longer and healthier.

To enter the photo contest, my caregiver submitted this picture and wrote a few nice words about me. Help us get more votes by forwarding this message to other family and friends. If I’m one of the top 500 vote-getters, we’ll have a chance to win a fabulous prize. A panel of celebrity judges is also going to pick the best photo and essay and we’ll have a chance to win even more prizes.

If you’d like to enter your own pet in the contest, then please do—I can handle some friendly competition! And if you want to stay on top of how I am doing in the contest, visit the Find a Pet page and search for me by name.

Enter your pet in the contest and vote today. The contest ends on March 7, 2008.


2 thoughts on “You know you wanna vote sum mo’….

  1. I totally just voted for what may be the cutest kitty in the world! I love that he really does have a mustache! heehee!

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