he’s obviously gay…

Overheard on Sat afternoon….

I went to the library before I went to go workout b/c I forgot my treadmill book at home, & figured I could just pick up a copy of the same book there. (The library’s right next door to where I work out).

As I was entering la bibliothèque, there were 2 women leaving the building. One was in her 50’s & the other, in her 30’s. This is what I heard as I was passing them by:

Older lady: …. he had long blond hair. He was obviously gay.

Younger lady: mm-hmm.

Ah, yes… Obviously.

This made me laugh, b/c if I’m trying to think of a dude w/ long blond hair, I’m just thinking country, you know? Like, if I see a guy w/ really nice, polished shoes that has great fashion-sense, & maybe you can tell does a lil man-scaping, then yes, I would say they’re obviously gay. But most likely, w/ their fashion sense, they wouldn’t have long blond hair. They’d have their hair coiffed right!

One thought on “he’s obviously gay…

  1. depends on what she considers long too, maybe long means just above the shoulders, which would be kind of a rock-star haircut I would think…

    But I’d agree with you first. 😉

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