operas & parties

I haven’t been posting because I didn’t want to bore all of yous guys with my mundane life. But I’ve got nuttin else to say, so here we go….

I’ve been pretty busy (too busy to post, as you all know). You might remember my mentioning it in past years, but I’ve just gone through my busy season at work. I’ve put in 11-hour days on most Sundays & some Mondays for the last 2 months. But now, I’m free.

I’m looking for a new apt, so a lot of time is used up doing that. So far, nothing good. By “good”, I mean a place with 2 bedrooms, where you can actually fit a full-sized bed AND a dresser in BOTH bedrooms. I know, I know…. I’m just soooo demanding!

We had a snow storm on Tuesday, & I went out to see Steve Poltz that night at the Beachland Ballroom. That was fun, he did an impromptu “rock opera”. I’m not just over-using quotes there; trust me, it’s in the quotes for a reason.

Then, Wednesday, I went to see Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte*. I loved it, not as much as Le nozze di Figaro*, but I did enjoy myself. I went with one of my closest friends, Urban Cowgirl. She loves classical music (I just love it when it’s live). I did kinda nod off during the 2nd act; not b/c it was dull. I think it’s just cause I’ve been running myself ragged, & also most of the “songs”** were low (bass/baritone). And the low notes tend to put me to sleep sometimes (I’ve also nodded off at cello or double-bass recitals for this same reason).

Anyway, it was cool, I esp. loved Papageno & I’m sure he’s everyone’s fave character in it. So ridiculously funny, he is! But The Marriage of Figaro is still my fave, b/c I was in stitches throughout that whole opera. I’m a big fan of that silly-humor.

Then, last night I went to Urban Cowgirl’s 1st 29th birthday party. That was a complete blast. I had so much fun, hanging out at their house w/ a gaggle of fun ppls. I was there until almost 3 am, & still coulda stayed all night, but I could see others were getting tired.

So, that’s it for now. I hope to have more things to post about soon. I keep thinking of things I wanna post, but then actually forget them when I’m in front of the comp.

* yes, that’s me being snooty. But you’re allowed to be snooty when you go to see an opera.
** I’m pretty sure they’re not called songs; but they’re not all arias, so I don’t know what word to use for them.

3 thoughts on “operas & parties

  1. The Magic Flute was good – the 2nd half did drag a bit and I’m sure Mozart could’ve wrapped it up quicker than he did! BUT the talent, the voices – so good! I do miss Teppei, though, and Eileen.

    Oh, I heard someone say (ok, they said it directly to me) that my party was (drumroll), “the best party ever!”. ACK! What high honors! What a compliment! I’m so, So, SO glad people had fun!!

  2. Your party was SOOO much fun! Didja read the part above where I said I coulda stayed all night!>?!?!

    I had the BEST time!

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