Photo Friday: Travel

Trust me folks, I’ve done y’all a favor by not posting recently. Nothing exciting to report. I got a speeding ticket. Hmmm… yup, that’s it.

But the current Photo Friday challenge is Travel. And I do love to travel. I love walking into clean, crisp rooms w/ freshly made beds. I like my toilet paper folded to a triangle. And the tissue paper too; but of course being the hopeless OCD-head that I am, I immediately pull out that first one (cause someone had to have touched it for it to get to the triangle shape) & wash my hands w/ a cutie lil soap.

I like collecting the tiny lil shampoos & conditioners. I have exceptional hair (read: high maintenance) that requires that I use only my own shampoos/conditioners. So, I just collect them, & if I get a house-guest, they’re getting all kinds of teeny lil toiletries.

My fave place to stay so far has been the Roosevelt Hotel. Yes, that Roosevelt Hotel, where Paris & LiLo sometimes act up at. And yes, I did see some socialites when I was there. But why was it my fave place? The room was amazing & so comfortable, they had orchids on the desk (orchids! I love orchids!). But most of all, they had the most yummiest, heavenly-scented soap. It just smelled so FRESH! I wish I could just buy the soap, or an air-freshener that smelled just like it!

Anyway, back to the PhotoFriday challenge. Although I do love to travel, you never want to get to your destination to see this waiting for you at baggage claim:As always, click here to see other Photo Friday submissions.

5 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Travel

  1. Hotels are so much fun. Not only do they make you want to have sex, but it’s a good time to run around the halls at 2 AM seeing who you bump into.

  2. something about life on the road and living out of bags and staying in maintenance-free places is quite enticing. I love it!

    So many different, amazing kinds of people stay in places like the Roosevelt, just about anything can happen, that seems it would be the most fun about it.

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