hello… glass house anyone?

Oh, you tough football boys crack me UP! Thanks for this, though. I did need a laugh today.

I mean, whatev, maybe they are piping in extraneous noise. I just really don’t think the Pats are in any position to point fingers at any other team right now. Sorry, kids, but you kinda forfeited that right when y’all went shady.

Not that all the football teams aren’t being shady. Cause they’re all pulling something. They are guys, after all.

Now I’ve gotta stay up late to see what Dave’s gonna say about this. Cause Dave films his show around 4-ish, & the story’s out already, & the Colts are his team.

*click on the pic to go to the story. Oh, & ProFootballTalk.com has audio of it.

UPDATE: Dave’s in reruns this week due to the Writer’s Strike. So, I’ll be in bed by 9:30 pm (since I only got about 4 &#189 hours last night).

5 thoughts on “hello… glass house anyone?

  1. that’s calling the kettle a ripe shade of black, isn’t it? haha

    I’ve been following this story all season (major football fan) and I can’t believe the audacity of this team. what a bunch of babies!

  2. BTW, thought I’d point out the Patriots haven’t had any suspensions other than one draft pick being taken away next year, while Micheal Vick and Pacman Jones have been suspended for at least a year because of things they did wrong that had no actual effect on the game.

    Thanks for letting me vent. 😉

  3. That was HUGELY suspicious. For one, there’s no logical reason that material can’t be stored somewhere. Why destroy the tapes when you can put them in a vault/evidence holding of some kind where they’d stay for eternity? And two, they probably have transcripts of what they saw/heard on the tapes, but without the original evidence, it’s very unlikely the case could be retried at a later date.
    They don’t really talk about it anymore on the NFL shows, until Shula opened his mouth this week, and they kind of laughed it off, I was PISSED. The whole thing is pretty shady. I was glad Shula spoke out about New England just so the public would keep paying attention to it. 😉

    yeah, maybe I should give being a baseball fan another shot….

  4. They are guys, after all.

    You are sexist! Lol, could not resist.

    PS – Yeah, why did they destroy the tapes? That’s just super suspicious.

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