I’d like to just post the pic below that I’ve painted on & be done w/ it. But of course, I can’t. I have to say a lil sumptin-sumptin here. B/c I’m not one of those ppl who think that dude can’t support whoever he wants. He can.

HOWEVER, he CANNOT be disrespectful to the town that pays him. He’s OUR bitch, so to say. Cleveland welcomed him here from the ‘Kron, & Cleveland all donned “Witness” shirts. Um, remember the humongo poster on Ontario? Dude, you had everyone calling you “King James”.

Cleveland showed you some respect.

I couldn’t care less who you like. I don’t care what sports team, religion, or political party you support. We get it, we know you’re a bandwagon junkie, w/ your Bulls & Cowboys & Yanks. I don’t care about that.

I do care that you have everything to gain if any part of Cleveland does well. I was once a little surprised at what a good business-head you had on your shoulders. This is not a good business decision. You are a Cleveland icon; the Yankees cap is a huge logo, & we all know how much Clevelanders hate the Yankees.

You shouldn’t have worn the cap, you should’ta held it over your head, & you shouldn’ta gone on national television supporting the Yankees. You shoulda just came to the game in whatever normal clothes you wanted to wear (no logos) & just cheered for the Yanks if you wanted. Although, there really wasn’t much opportunity to do so last night, eh?

You were always a lil cocky, L. But I think you pushed it too far. You’re testing your city. Bottom line is that this isn’t a good business decision.

Here’s what you gotta do: Meet Braylon Edwards. Bray-boy went to Michigan, everyone knows that. He plays for our Brownies. So, at a Browns game, when the crowd started up the Ohio State “O-H-I-O” chant, he put his hands up & did it too.

“I was definitely doing it. This is Ohio. This is my residence. This is where I play football. This is where I earn my paycheck. This is the city I’ve adopted and the one that has adopted me. I don’t mind doing O-H-I-O. I don’t believe it just pertains to Ohio State.
Cleveland … is in Ohio.”

– Braylon Edwards

4 thoughts on “boooooo….

  1. Excellently played, my dear!

    Perfect ending with the Braylon quote at the end!

    I hope you feel better! HUGS!

  2. I gotta admit that I find this whole event pretty amusing. Yeah, it wasn’t nice of Bron-Bron to wear the Yankees cap to the game. But, in the end, big deal, it’s not like he’s going out there to pitch or bat or something.

    Plus he knows he’s the entire Cavaliers team. And he probably makes more money from endorsements.

    I wonder if Bron-Bron will show up in the Bronx for Game 3, lol.

    PS – I think you might want to research Lebron’s business savvy. Last season Lebron’s teammate, Ira Newble, wrote an open letter criticizing the Chinese government for it’s role in Darfur, supporting the Sudanese government. Only two Cavaliers did not sign the open letter. Lebron James was one of them.

  3. I mean business-savvy in how to up his own moolah-age. He’s arranged to meet w/ several older business men & ex-pro-ball players to pick their brains on their business moves back then vs what they’d do now.

    All of his “ppl” are literally HIS PPL. They’re all friends of his. What he needs is a good PR guy/gal who knows the business, & knows the city.

    All in all, I thought Lebron coulda watched the game all dressed in Yankee gear, sitting in his mansion in Bath, on the 100 in plasma tv that he bought w/ the $ that he made from CLEVE.

  4. I’m soooo torn on this. I am a die-hard loyal to the death Browns fan and I would never ask anyone to do something I wouldn’t do myself, being to not support your team regardless of who you are or what your circumstances are. I think he should have left that hat at home just as much as I feel he should have worn it.

    I’m indecisive. I suck. 😉

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