do your pants hang low?

I’m sure all of you have heard about local governments across the nation banning the whole saggy pant trend that’s going around. Now, I’m all for going up to a kid with his (sorry, but they all seem to be boys) pants hanging low, smacking him upside the head, & telling him to pull his pants up.

But I don’t think any government should propose a law dictating what ppl can & can’t wear.

What if they found glitter offensive? It’s fine to not like a trend. I wasn’t crazy about the backwards overalls (a la Criss Cross); I don’t enjoy feathered teased hair. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like something, you can’t just ban it like that. That’s not the principle this nation is founded on.

See, if you could just go around fining & arresting ppl for whatever you don’t like (or is really wrong, but not illegal yet); I’d get fines out the wa-zoo for always ending sentences in prepositions.

Now… if they were to propose a voluntary task force of
… big men … who are dressed as women … who are also packin …
to go around & smack those boys w/ their pants hung low upside the head until they pull them up.

Well, I’d have no problem w/ that.

OH OH… WAIT… I just had a thought. What if maybe an evil genius scientist could also concoct a serum of some sort? So that when the big man in drag smacked the fashion-offending young lad, HE would then have something come over him. So that then, HE also felt compelled to dress as a woman (sans ‘packin’) & go around smacking others that were once like him upside the head TOO!

Or, is that going too far?

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