I don’t really have anything to post. Don’t have time either, as I’m pretty busy actually do tons of work.

So, I thought I’d pimp out Lifehacker. It’s a website that has tips & downloads to do just about anything.

I use my blog as a place to store bookmarks of places I like to visit that aren’t all necessarily other blogs. So, I have all those categories in my sidebar. You can click on each cat to expand it & see the links. I’ve got Lifehacker under ‘Resource Stuff’.

4 thoughts on “lifehacker

  1. Damn I thought Lifehacker was going to be some way to use a computer to get into someone elses life and make them do hilarious things such as eat a shoe for lunch in front of their co-workers or make them tell everyone how they spent all weekend watching Dirty Dancing.

  2. I love Lifehacker… I subscribe to their fide and read posts everyday. I find it a little ironic that I use their site to waste so much time though.

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