pimping my old gay posts

So, I really posted today about the whole Tucker fiasco (below). But once you read it, you’re gonna be all worked up & mad at stupid ppl. And let’s face, most ppl are stupid.

So, I’m linking to myself so that you can all go back in time (via l’archive de moi), & read a funny. Click below:

Oh, & check out this article I found:

It mentions how in medieval France, they had a term “affrerement” (like brotherment) that served as a legal contract. They “pledged to live together sharing ‘un pain, un vin, et une bourse’ — one bread, one wine, and one purse.”

Anyway, it’s also an interesting article. So, check it yo.

2 thoughts on “pimping my old gay posts

  1. The christian movement doesn’t like gay because some book told them not to like it. The financial leaders don’t like it because it would prove a nightmare to all of the sudden have to take money out of thier own pockets and pay for things like proper healthcare now. I personally don’t give a shat one way or another. The only thing that bugs me is why isn’t “civil union” not good enough? All the rights and priveledges of a spouse but they can’t call it marriage? Makes no sense to me.

  2. It’s still not the same thing. It would be the equivalent of telling “certain ppl” that they can ride on the same bus to the same destination, but they have to sit at the back of the bus.

    You might argue: Why would they care? They still get to the same place.

    B/c it’s saying that they’re different/lesser, & don’t deserve the idealism that “regular ppl” do.

    The reason “regular” is in quotes is b/c I don’t believe that being straight is a “regular” trait. Maybe it’s a dominant trait (like having brown eyes, versus the recessive having blue eyes.). But that 2nd link shows that homosexuality has been around for eons, & they’ve even proven it exists naturally in animals.

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