bitter much?

There’s this woman I don’t like. I’m fine w/ it. Not everybody is going to like everyone else. Esp when the person is a stuck-up, full-of-themselves know-it-all who really doesn’t know anything when asked what’s going on.

Anywhoo… So, this woman told my boss that my department orders a certain number of her publication, but we don’t use them all. She found out that we toss out over half of what we order. So, my boss came to me & asked if maybe we should order less. He said it doesn’t bother him either way if we keep ordering what we do, b/c it’s not like we don’t pay for it anyway, so we can do what we like with what we get.

I said he’s got a point there. But the reason we order so many is b/c every now & then, the publication is actually interesting to read. Most times, eh, not so much. So, I offered up 2 options:

1. They can send us a pdf of it prior to printing / our ordering, & we can tell them exactly how many we want. We’d order more copies when it’s interesting, & less when it’s… uh… not.


2. They can just make it more interesting to read, & we’d actually use them, & end up not throwing so many of them away.

I’d just like to mention that I made my boss crack up laughing when I offered up option 2. And that’s why I’m such a good employee; b/c he’s had a rough day today.

4 thoughts on “bitter much?

  1. Oh my, I do like option #2 much better! BUT I felt option #1 was very diplomatic and environmentally friendly of you! I assume you meant you RECYCLE the ones you don’t use vs. throw away?
    My problem, in my office, is there are too many interesting publications crossing my desk and I love to read them but sometimes don’t have the time! 😦

  2. No sweets, I did mean just pitch them out. The city of Cleve (or any other NE OH I know of) doesn’t recycle glossy paper (mag paper). Just newsprint, reg paper, & cardboard.

    When I used to live in the ‘burb, the city would spend so much extra money having to go through the recycling b/c ppl would put glossy ads (from the Sunday paper) in w/ their newspaper to recycle.

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