there’s another hurricane brewin in Louisiana

Do you guys remember the story of Hurricane? Mr. Rubin Carter? I know a lot of you have prob seen the movie (w/ Denzel). I’ve never seen the movie. I know the story b/c I’m a big Dylan fan. One of my fave songs is “Hurricane”; if you’ve never heard it, please do yourself a favor & listen to it. It will give you chills; it still gives me chills & I listen to it all the time.

Here’s a synopsis: Rubin Carter was unjustly imprisoned for 2 consecutive life terms by an all-white jury. He was charged w/ a triple murder; one of the victims, on his death bed told the police that Carter was not the right man. But 2 robbers, who were also in a lot of heat testified against him. That year was 1967.

1967 folks. 1967.

Dylan wrote “Hurricane” to raise awareness for Rubin Carter (in ’75, after Carter had sent him a copy of his autobio, The Sixteenth Round which he wrote while locked up). On February 9th, 1976, Carter was sentence to 2 consecutive life terms (this was his 2nd trial; which they had fought for). Dylan never performed Hurricane live since that happened (last live performance of the song was January 25th 1976 in Houston). It wasn’t until November 1985 that he was released on parole, & 1988 that the original indictments were dismissed.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because it’s 2007, ppl, & we should NOT be dealing with stuff like this in 2007. Or, at all in my lifetime, & I’ve been around for a lil bit now.

But if you haven’t heard about Jena 6, please go to the Color of Change website & read about it. Print the letter to fax or email it. They also give you the option of writing out your own note. I did opt to do that b/c I figured (hopefully) they’re gonna get thousands of letters from everywhere. There is HUGE media coverage about what’s going on in Jena, LA globally (China, France, England). It’s unfortunate that the national coverage isn’t as much as it is overseas. What the world must think of the big, bad, ole US of A, huh?

To read more, you should also check out Aquababie’s and/or V’s sites. They’ve put up very thoughtful, in-depth posts; much more so than I have.

So, please go to the website, & send a letter. You can also sign up to stand with the families if you will be in the area from July 31st to mid-August.

Sign the letter – Color of
Sign the online petition asking for the US Department of Justice to get involved

There is also a man named Michael David Murphy who went to Jena, LA & took pictures & has a photo journal; he’s got two sites w/ pics & links: & While Seated.

I’ve also posted the lyrics to Hurricane below in it’s own special post.

3 thoughts on “there’s another hurricane brewin in Louisiana

  1. No one’s really going to argue that this sort of thing is just crazy. But what I’m wondering is where are the opportunists? This is America right, the land of Commercialism & Capitalism.

    Isn’t there a lawyer out there who’s thinking to himself that he can get some sweet, sweet publicity outta this by offering his services for free to these kids? This is turning into a media circus; you can’t buy this type of publicity.

    If only Johnnie Cochran were still alive. He knew how to work it.

  2. I guess I’m just a little naive but it always surprises me when I find out that these kinds of things still happen and those old attitudes about black people really exist. I’m too young to have known seperate drinking fountains, sitting in the back of the bus, all that shit. I never lived in a world with that much prejudice, which I guess is a good thing…

  3. Yeah, I think it is finally beginning to get the media attention it deserves, but it is still very important to spread the word. However there are still some major problems. The DOJ kind of got involved and organized a forum, but the US Attorney basically stayed neutral and said some seriously baffling comments. The NAACP legal team has gotten involved so hopefully the Jena 6 will be properly defended on appeal (at the least, but that is still a terrible starting point).

    Hopefully this is just the beginning of a groundswell of support and media coverage.

    Thanks for posting the lyrics to Dylan’s Hurricane. Great post! I need to see the film about Rubin Carter as well.

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