Cloverfield Slushos

Or, A special post for Chaylene
Hey Chaylene,
I was going to respond to your comment, but then I sorta started rambling, & figured I’d do another post.

So, this is actually kinda an extension to yesterday’s post about the Transformers movie. I mentioned the mystery trailer preceding the movie. It’s supposed to be some new sci-fi-ish monster-ish movie by our very own Bad Robot. I’m pretty interested in this movie, & I know a bunch of other ppl are too, so I figured I’d collect everything I know so far into one post, & maybe we can make some predictions. It’s turned into so much more than the movie for me, I love a good real-life mystery. My boss once told me I should’ve gone into work for the FBI or become a private detective. I love this stuff.

The only real official site so far is It’s only got snapshot pics on it. But every so often, they add a new pic, & you can click on each pic & drag it around your screen. Ya, sorry, but that’s all I’ve got so far.

JJ says that there’s a few other movie websites out there, but I guess it’s a viral marketing campaign, & they’re not telling what the actual sites are. JJ wants us to find em for ourselves.

May be true stuff
There’s another website called that some have confirmed is an official website for the movie; but I’m not buyin it unless I hear it from an official Bad Robot or Paramount source. Slusho is a (fictional) frozen drink (Slushie) that Vaughn offers Sydney when they first meet in that official debriefing in Alias.

Not really true stuff
I guess there are some “Ethan Haas” websites out there supposedly about the movie, but they’re fake. Also, is a fake. So, I haven’t even gone to them, b/c they might cloud my judgment. Yeah, that’s how into my detective work I get. And there’s rumors that the monster might be Cthulhu Mythos or Godzilla, or might tie in w/ Lost; but I’m not buyin that either. Very skeptical, am I.

Ok, so I’ll update this as I find out more stuff (unless I get too lazy). I did post that YouTube video that shows the trailer in my previous post, but Paramount might have their lawyers take it down. If so, you can go to Apple’s site, b/c Paramount gave them the trailer (well, teaser really, right?) to post there. You can go to to see it, or you can click on the pic for the teaser to the left.

10 thoughts on “Cloverfield Slushos

  1. If you freeze it at 1:17 you can briefly see the top of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’s hat.

    Case closed.

    JJ better not be stealing from GHOSTBUSTERS for the next STAR TREK flick.

  2. B/c of the fictional Japanese website, now I think it may be a Japanese monster. I know Chaylene’s hoping for Gamera.

    Mr. T thinks it could also be some other monster whose name begins w/ an ‘M’ (I forgot it though). Oh, & Mr. T also told me that Godzilla has no gender; interesting n’est pas?

  3. I had a feeling you and I worked for the same place (I noticed another person viewing from campus in my sitemeter). I’m in Tomlinson, but shhhhh! don’t tell. You?

  4. lol @ Stay Puft.

    Some people also think it’s Voltron, but that’s dumb.

    I’m happy with any kind of giant monster movie. This stuff is too much fun. Hopefully not moreso than the actual movie.

  5. Ryan- Yeah, sometimes things don’t live upto the hype (cough-cough-Pirates-cough).

    Genn- really? you think so? nooo… go on… please. 😉

  6. At Comic Con 2007 TODAY, JJ is supposed to reveal the title & details (1:30 – 3:30; so 4:30-6:30 EST).

    You can check out everyone who’s talking. I’ve never been a comic book geek, but now I wish I was more into it as a kid. It looks really cool. Rosario Dawson’s speaking (she’s hot), & HASBRO’s gonna be there, & Stan Lee (of course).

  7. I wanna see the damn monster! Why must I be so easily affected by guerrilla marketing? Why can’t I be more jaded about monster movies!

    OH! Woe is me!

  8. I can’t believe I got this into it. I blame you Yllw! Lol, j/k.

    Apparently JJ and crew have yet to title the flick. He even asks the comic con audience what they think about the title “Monstrous”? Clearly they have yet to title it. Lol, very lame. But they did debut the official poster.

    The poster makes it seem like it might be some kind of sea monster. And I’m sorta leaning this way because if you fool around on the website they talk about finding a secret ingredient at the bottom of the ocean.

    Anyway, I’ve clearly spent too much time on this Cloverstuff and I’m done with it. Lol. Great post Yllw!

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