autonomous robotic life forms

Ok, I haven’t posted in a while, & don’t have much of any substance to say, so I’ll tell you about my night. I saw Transformers last night. I didn’t know what to expect of it, since everyone only ever rips apart Michael Bay. The only other movie he’s ever directed that I’ve seen is Bad Boys II, & I liked that movie too. But Transformers was really very cool, it did blow me away. It had action, but it was pretty funny too. The transformers weren’t like in the cartoon; they were emotional, & even cute at times. I know that sounds kinda weird; but there’s a scene where they’re sneaking around, & they come off as cute & funny there. I wasn’t expecting for the robots to show emotion like they were able to portray them; it was just a pretty cool movie.

Oh, but be prepared for some major product placement. When the transformers are introduced, it’s like a GM commercial. Seriously. It did make me laugh though; well, a lil snicker anyway. I mentioned to Mr. T on the way home that only the good guys (Autobots for those of you who care about these things) were the GM cars, while the bad guys (Decepticons) were vague car types (fighter jet, tank, asst. general cars). Mr. T pointed out that the police car was one of the bad guys too, & it was a branded car. I did notice it was a nice, shiny car; but couldn’t remember any branding on it. All the other cars were obviously branded, & were very conspicuous throughout. So, I looked it up, & he’s right. Here’s a shot of the Saleen police car at the LA Transformers movie premiere. Apparently, Barricade (the Decepticon) transforms into an S281 Saleen, which is a modified Ford Mustang. But he’s the only bad guy branded car I noted then (after Mr. T pointed him out).

Anyway, I totally thought it was worth seeing in the theatre. Oh, & we went to Valley View! I do love Valley View, with it’s reclining, super large comfy seats! And the whole way home, I was inspecting the cars on the highway, esp the big ole semi. It’s all good though.

OH- Sorry, one more thing… Before the movie, you know how they have trailers for other stuff? Well, they had a teaser for some cool-lookin movie, but it didn’t give the name of it. BUT (& here’s the best part), it’s made by J.J. Abrams!!! Now, I do love me some JJ (well, his work, not the man himself), I loved Alias; so I know this is gonna be good. Anyway, imdb has an untitled project of his coming out on 1-18-2008, but no real info on it. Some ppl are saying it’s a remake of Godzilla, but I believe in my heart that it’s not. That’s all I’ve got. What I believe; & I like to trust my gut. So, you’ve heard it here 1st, it’s not a Godzilla remake. Only time will tell. Oh, & here’s the trailer for it:

4 thoughts on “autonomous robotic life forms

  1. Im glad another person confirms my similar view of the transformers movie.

    That JJ Abrams trailer is pretty damn awesome. I heard that it is based on H.P. Lovecraft stuff.hb

  2. Ryan,
    I think you musta left this comment as I hit ‘publish’ on the new post. I don’t think it’s gonna be about the Cthulhu Mythos by Lovecraft.

    Although, to be honest, until I heard the theory, I hadn’t heard of Cthulhu before.

  3. I didn’t realize that Barricade was a Ford. Never occurred to me that they were playing on the whole For/Evil – GMC/Good schtick.

    And damn you JJ Abrams!!! Now I’m hooked like the rest of the internet world!! What the hell is Cloverfield?!?

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