poisoning ppl in the peach state

Look mom, I can do alliteration!

So, I don’t feel like writing right now. I have a lot going on; & I will write about it to the internet world at some point, but just not now.

In the meantime, I know it’s summer, & everyone’s looking for something to do to avoid doing actual work. So, may I suggest that you read about Troy Davis? He is set to be executioned by poison in the peachy state of Georgia. Gotta love the Southern Hospitality*.

*disclaimer: I’m sorry I’m so bitter today. Yes, I know it’s not very becoming, & I know a lot of Southerners who are very hospitable.

Anyway, I’m just going to copy/paste some of the key reasons he should NOT be executed, & uh, maybe have a fair trial. You can either click on the pic to go to Amnesty International’s website to find info on him, or click here.

  • There was no physical evidence against Troy Davis.
  • The weapon used was never found.
  • The case against him consisted entirely of witness testimony.
  • All but two of the state’s non-police witnesses have recanted or contradicted their testimony.
  • Many of these witnesses have stated that they were pressured or coerced by the police.
  • One of the witnesses who has not recanted is Sylvester Coles, the principle alternative suspect.
  • Nine individuals have signed affadavits implicating Sylvester Coles.
  • Troy Davis has never had a hearing in federal court on the reliability of the witness testimony used against him.

Ok, so remember the ppl who recanted their stories? Well, Abolish the Death Penalty has what they specifically said about it:

Darrell Collins:[The police] were telling me that I was an accessory to murder and that I would … go to jail for a long time and I would be lucky if I ever got out, especially because a police officer got killed…I was only sixteen and was so scared of going to jail.

Antoine Williams:After the officers talked to me, they gave me a statement and told me to sign it. I signed it. I did not read it because I cannot read … I was totally unsure whether he was the person who shot the officer. I felt pressured to point at him … I have no idea what the person who shot the officer looks like.

Jeffrey Sapp:The police came and talked to me and put a lot of pressure on me…. They wanted me to tell them that Troy confessed to me about killing that officer. The thing is, Troy never told me anything about it. I got tired of them harassing me …. I told them that Troy did it, but it wasn’t true.

Daniel Kinsman:[T]here was and is no doubt in my mind that the person who shot the officer had the gun in and was shooting with his left hand.” Davis is right-handed.

Shirley Riley:People on the streets were talking about Sylvester Coles being involved with killing the police officer, so one day I asked him if he was involved …. Sylvester told me he did shoot the officer.

Joseph Washington:I am positive that it was Red [Coles] who shot the police officer… [He] was wearing a white shirt…I had no idea that the shirt…was important because no one ever asked me…I would have testified to this but I was not asked by the state or by Troy’s lawyers.

6 thoughts on “poisoning ppl in the peach state

  1. Death by poison sounds insane. If it is administered by a Spitting Cobra then I am intrigued.

    One of the most horrifying things has to be being wrongfully convicted of a crime. I pray for this guy if he really didn’t do it.

  2. Yeah, I’m not saying he did or didn’t… I just hate when it seems like ppl don’t get a fair trial.

    I know 3 ppl who’ve been accused of things they didn’t do; each spent anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 in lawyers fees before they were proven not guilty. Our justice system sucks sometimes.

    & spitting cobra sounds better, at least you’re more likely to die quicker. Sometimes, at these executions, they botch it all up so you just end up in pain or suffocating or something horrible.

  3. Great post Yllw!

    Sadly, this is the first I have heard about Troy Davis. And through the Abolish the Death Penalty blog I have learned his final appeal (to the US Supreme Court) was denied. Currently his execution date is set for between July 17 and July 24. His last chance is a clemency campaign. I beg everyone who reads this to read about Troy Davis’ case. And for those of you that believe he is innocent, or (at the least) deserves a new trial, please click on the post’s Amnesty International link, and take action.

    Unfortunately our justice system does make mistakes, especially when the poor and indigent are involved. There have been numerous individuals (204 by DNA according to the Innoncence Project, 15 of which served time on death row) who have been exonerated after being wrongfully convicted.

    For those curious, please check out these incisive, informative, and insightful links:
    Innocence Project
    FRONTLINE – The Case for Innocence

  4. Thanks V! Yeah, I totally forgot about Frontline; I know how you’re always pimping it (cause it is a great show). The FRONTLINE link seems to be broken, so I’ve relinked it:
    FRONTLINE – The Case for Innocence

    [it’s better to right-click & open in a new window if you’re reading this in a pop-up].

  5. thanks for the post. We will never build a society that honors life as long as we sanction state killing–like the rest of the “civilized world,” we need to do away with capital punishment. here from V’s blog

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