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Dear Xzibit,

It has come to my attention that my mySpace page is not properly customized. Well, I knew it before, but my BFF thinks that I should get on it. So, I’m writing to you. I need some expert help in this; & it’s either you or the Orange County Chopper dudes; you both know the importance of customizationizing stuff. And just b/t you & me, they’re a lil scary. Your gas crew is pretty cool & collected.

Here’s what my boring MySpace page looks like right now:

I know, boring, right? I prefer the term “drama-free”. I thought it was kinda special though… probably over 99% of all MySpace pages are customized & personalized & what-not. Right? So, that makes me diff, that mine’s all nothing. Nada.

Anyway, YES, I do know that you guys all pimp cars, not MySpace pages. BUT, don’t you have a brother/brotha who can maybe help me out? We both know the importance of a good pimp, & I know you knows ppls. I saw all the ppls you were talking to at that party a few weeks ago. The chicks were all OVER you!!! The dudes were all about you too; but I know how you feel about that, not too comfortable-like, so I won’t mention it. Remember when you busted out that rendition of the Stereo MCs ‘Connected’? That was really chill, man. You should’ve seen the look on some of the ppl’s faces when you did that. Priceless.

Anyway, I want it all customized-able, my MySpace. Ya hear? Whoever you get to do it can basically have all the artistic freedom they want. I’m pretty open to new, creative ideas. My only request is that you put a lil avatar of me on it. Now, here’s the thing… I want her to look like me. I know you can go to weatherpixie.com & get a lil avatar there for your page, but they don’t really look like me. Here are the two closest ones (on the right).

And here’s my Yahoo avatar:

I’m Indian, & there just aren’t that many Indian ones. Oh, & I have curly hair. I straighten it sometimes, but it is curly.

OH, & a couple things. You see my Yahoo avatar? She’s cute, isn’t she? Well, see, she’s got a lil sidekick dragon. I want my MySpace avatar (that changes clothes according to weather, remember) to have either a lil pink or lilac colored sidekick dragon. If you can have the guy pimping my MySpace to also make her puff lil clouds of smoke, that’d be pretty sa-wheeeeet! I know he’d/she’d be able to do flash stuff, so it’s gotta be totally do-able. Oh, & I want her to dress up & go out dancing on Friday nights. Can you change the music to dance music when she goes out?

Don’t forget, X, that I love me some gay-ass dance music; I’ve gotta have some ole Madonna & Pet Shop Boys (George Michael, you know how I do). In addition to all the reg dance music that most other ppl like. Oh, & Prince. You know how I love Prince.

Thanx, X~2~Z, you rock! Just have whoever you find to do my page to leave me a comment, & we’ll get going on it. I know you’ll find someone who can do it up right!

10 thoughts on “pimp me

  1. I have all but abandoned my MySpace page. I forgot about it. I have no flash on there. I doubt the song I picked for my profile still works.

    I wish I could help you out. Good luck with it.

  2. Thanks guys, good lookin out. This was mostly a joke though b/c I really don’t mind not having anything on my page. But now, I may just start personalizing it. The thing is, I don’t really use it except to keep up w/ a couple of ppl.

  3. Gawd you’re high maintenance.

    that debbie has some nice ta tas. I can say that because i’m a straight girl, and it’s complimentary. ….wait, doesn’t that mean “free”?..like in nuts? complimentary nuts? is it also the adjective form of “compliment”?

    what were we talking about?

    oh! check this dude out. I added him just because of his myspace design. totally inventive! plus you get to pick the song you want to listen too. and he knows bob.

  4. Ok Sparky,
    1- Yes, I’m high-maintenance.. please don’t act like you just found that out.
    2- You know I’m horrible at English/grammar/tactfullousityness/stuff,
    so I don’t know about the complimentary.
    3- Bob? You mean ole Crazy Bob? W/ the yellow sweater? No WAY! Did’ja see his wife & roommate?
    4- I’m really excited about your visit this weekend!

  5. I love gay ass dance music. I love it even more if it is from Holland or Sweden. I can hook you up with all kinds of fruity tunes.

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