Melanin in the sun

Well, I know I’m supposed to post on the OSU commencement ceremony that I went to, but there are no words to really describe it. I may post in detail about it (most likely) in a couple of weeks when it all sinks in. It was such an exciting day. Our fam’s “best girl” graduated & it was just very, very exciting.

We got there hours in advance so that we would get good seats. There were 7 of us, & we ended up in 5th row seats to see Bill Clinton speak. We would’ve been closer if there weren’t as many of us. But it was just perfect. I can’t tell you how awesome it was to see former Prez. Clinton speak. He’s just an amazing man. You can actually see the entire commencement ceremony streaming online (isn’t the internet GREAT!). You can fast forward to his speech, or watch the whole sha-bang. Whatev. No pressure. I will post on the ceremony itself & Clinton in the coming weeks, I promise.

We were in the sun for about 7 hours & I ended up sunburnt (along with my dad). I had put on sunscreen, but my nose sweats, & so the sunscreen on my nosey-nose sweated off, & now I look kinda like Rudolph. The tops of my cheeks are a lil pink too. Mr. T has been teasing me about it since he saw me Sunday night, but it’s all good.

So, I’m gonna leave you with a real conversation b/t me & my pops:

me: Pappa, here, put on some sunscreen before we go. We have to leave now. C’mon.
my dad: What?! No, we’re Indian. Indian ppl don’t need to wear that stuff, we don’t get sunburnt. You guys are such drama queens. [he does love calling us drama queens; I think he got that from my mom]
me: No, I’m serious. Do you want to get skin cancer? HUH? Is that what you want!?
my dad: Whatever. [he got that from me]
my sister: No, dad, she’s serious. We may not get sunburned in the traditional sense, or as much b/c we have more melanin. But we should still be careful.
my dad: Whatever. [again]

Fast forward about 8 hours, we come back to my sister’s apt. My nose is bright red & burnt, my cheeks are just slightly so. My DAD, on the other hand, is really burnt. Like, to a crisp. No, I’m not exaggerating. Do you think he’ll wear sunscreen next time? Eh.

UPDATE: Oh, & I forgot to mention that I “called-in sunburned” on Monday b/c of this. It’s just like calling-in sick; only you’re sunburnt instead.

4 thoughts on “Melanin in the sun

  1. Actually, I didn’t think Indian people could get sunburned.

    I went to India once and man was it HOT. But my wife and I were the only ones using sunscreen – so I just figured Indian people didn’t need it.

    We went to Trivandrum, btw. It’s the hottest outside temperature I’ve ever felt.

  2. BSUWG- Yeah, I’m lighter-skinned & my dad is pretty darker-skinned; so we’re at totally diff spectrums of skin color for Indian ppl too. I think it’s cause we’re so sensitive.

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