father’s day, brought to you by…

Have you guys heard this commercial on the radio for Home Depot. It’s like a reg radio ad, then at the end the dude says:

Home Depot…. proud sponsor of Father’s Day

Really? Home Depot sponsors Father’s Day?

Like, they paid to create the holiday? Uh, no. So, do they sponsor it by buying random gifts for dad’s across America? Yeah, out of the kindness of their stock prices.

That could be a new cause. Like Hands across America; only they’d be all for “Dads across America”. What a joke. So, can I buy radio time & say I’m a proud sponsor for Recess at Work Day?

btw, if you go to that Recess at Work site, you have to check out that pick of the founder; just scroll down a lil.

One thought on “father’s day, brought to you by…

  1. Lol. “Proud sponsor of Father’s Day.” Puhleeeze.

    And I checked out the website. That hat is neato!

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