I’m gonna meet Bubba

Ok, so the last post I did wasn’t supposed to be about Bill Clinton. I think sub-consciously it all came out b/c he’s been on my mind. Why, you ask?

B/c I’m gonna MEET HIM!!!

Yes, you read right. Well, kinda. Ok, so not so much “meet him“. Let’s not argue about the semantics. I’m gonna be in the same place as him. [said silently: Most likely hundreds of feet away]

My sister’s graduating & is about to take this world by the throat & shake it around a little. Is that violent? B/c she’s not that violent; she’s got an attitude (she gets it from my mom, just like me & my other sister do). But she’s not violent. Anyway, she’s super smart, & we love her, & are so proud of her. So, we were all stoked to see her gradumatate.

But now, we find out that Bill Clinton’s speaking at her commencement ceremony, so we’re even more excited now.

What? You say you wish you were there? Well, they’re having a live videostream, so there’s always that. And you can pretty much count on me posting about it w/ pics.

Now, before I leave you, be honest w/ me… Do you think it’d be a little much if I wore the shirt pictured to the left?

3 thoughts on “I’m gonna meet Bubba

  1. Congrats to your sister and enjoy seeing The Master with your own eyes, I hear he takes over a room. 😉

    I wish he was working with Al Gore on a Presidency run instead of Hillary, but I can’t say he has much choice.

    thanks for stopping by….

  2. Congrats to your sister!

    And the shirt is not a bit much. But I’d ask your sister what she thought of it. I mean, run it past her.

    Have fun!

  3. I like the shirt, but you could also consider the one that says, “Democrats are sexy: who ever heard of a nice piece of elephant?”


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