In Remembrance

Today, we observe Memorial Day*. There was a time when Memorial Day was a big deal; not so much anymore. It was 1st observed in 1868 (officially); although it is noted that women in the south would form organized groups to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers before that.

Pres. Clinton did a lot for Memorial Day (as I believe he did a lot for many things). Before Clinton, the Presidents of the US did not routinely observe Memorial Day. In May of 2000, he put out a memorandum saying that while we should honor those who fought & gave their lives for us, we should especially honor them on Memorial Day. In December, he made it a resolution; that the entire nation should take a minute at 3:00 (local time) to honor those fallen defending our values.

In 2004, Washington DC held it’s 1st Memorial Day parade in over 60 years. DC, ppl, uh, the nation’s capital. Yeah. Bout time, huh?

This post is not supposed to be about Bill, it’s supposed to be about taking a pause in the day today. But I think my bias for Bill Clinton comes out whenever I say or write anything relating to him, huh? I do think he’s one of the good guys.

*actual Memorial Day is May 30th. It is observed the last Monday in the month of May.

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