Person of the Week: Joe Pa

UPDATE (Nov. 10, 2012): I am now taking back this post. I’m leaving it up, b/c I once was compelled to hold his man to a higher standard. But for obvious reasons, I now take back this post. Original post:

I’ve decided that every week, I’m going to have a person that kicks ass. I’ll likely post this at the end of the week; Thurs, Fri, or Sat. But I’m not promising. I can’t handle that kind of commitment.

I thought of this b/c I read these stories about ppl who I think just rule in the best way possible.

Our 1st Person is Joe Paterno. Joe Pa, as he’s called, is not gonna stand for any BS. He is the coach of the Penn State football team. A couple of his guys were punks; so he decided that the whole team’s gonna clean up Beaver Stadium after each home game. Everyone. B/c they’re a team, & he will not have them called trash.

“We’re all going to do it, everybody. Not just the kids that were involved. ‘Cause we’re all in it together. This is a team embarrassment. I wouldn’t call it anything much other than that.”

“I just thought that, hey, we had 14, 15 kids – I don’t even know how many – that were involved in something embarrassing, and I think that we need to prove to people that we’re not a bunch of hoodlums.”

In addition to cleaning up the humongo stadium, they’re also gonna build a house for Habitat for Humanity, & volunteer over SUMMER for the Special Olympics.

Most football coaches let things slide. “Boys will be boys.” That sorta thing. But if you just let boys be boys, then how will they EVER become MEN?!

This is a man, a real man, to admire. He has character & principles & ideals. He knows right is right, & wrong is wrong. He will not have ppl talk trash about HIS ppl. He’ll chase down a ref if he thinks he’s wronged his ppl.

He will teach his ppl to rise above. And that makes him good ppl in my book.

Um, did I also mention that he’s 80, has been the coach or assistant coach there for 57 years. AND, Penn State has never been under NCAA probation, and has never been under any serious investigation for wrong-doing since he’s been there. Why? Uh, b/c he RULES!

One thought on “Person of the Week: Joe Pa

  1. I read about this and actually applauded. One of the problems with this country (yeah, I’m going there) is that people aren’t held accountable for what they do. Bravo to this man.

    Great idea for a post.

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