why’s it gotta be good?!?

You know that saying “With a name like Smucker’s, it’s gotta be good”? What’s that supposed to mean? If it weren’t for the jams/jellies, I never would’ve heard the name Smuckers, & then if I did hear it, I wouldn’t think, “Oh WOW, that’s gotta be good!”

I mean, I can understand if it was “With a name like Heaven, it’s gotta be good”.
Or, “a name like Angel…”.
Or, “Superhero…”

Or, “Pope…”. Oh, wait … no that wouldn’t necessarily mean it’s “good”. That may just mean that it’s tolerant of what they choose to be tolerant of.

2 thoughts on “why’s it gotta be good?!?

  1. I just want to say that jams and jellies are good when available but they do not hold a candle to preserves.

  2. I know someone who vacas at a cabin on the lake in northern Michigan every year. They have AMAZING cherries there, & I get a jar of the most delicious all-natural, just picked off the farm, no preservatives, cherry preserves. Good Stuff.

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