So, you remember when I told y’all about the Magically Mystery Brewery Tour that I was part of? Well, this month’s stop was supposed to be the Northfield Park Brewery. Being the dedicated individual that I am, I went to their website to do some research. I needed directions, but I like to investigate what types of beers they have so I can prepare for the night.

In particular, 2 brews they had jumped out at me:
WINNERS WHEAT LAGER – A refreshing, unfiltered lager for those who know how to pick ‘em! It is made with kiln-dried, malted Belgian wheat and accented with domestic barley and imported hops. Winners Wheat is brewed in the German tradition with a light body and a fruity aroma.


SILKS CREAM ALE – As smooth and crisp as a new set of silks! Made with Belgian malts and domestic hops, this beer is brewed for the American palate. The rich, creamy head accents the bright, golden ale. Silks Cream Ale is lightly carbonated and has a mild taste with a clean hop finish.

Now, I do love Belgium-style wheat beers (like Blue Moon, or Hoegaarden, & Chimay- but that’s not a wheat beir, I don’t think), so I knew I’d like the 1st one. And the 2nd one brings to mind A&W Cream Soda (I know, only b/c it has cream in the title), but it made me curious.

So, I get to the website, & at the top it says in all caps:



So, I shoot off an email to them to see how updated this site is. You know, maybe they’re back up & running. The email comes back to me as undeliverable. This is not a good sign.

Next step, I decide to call. Yes, I’m at work on Friday afternoon. But I had to scramble, the brewery stop was the following evening, & a mass # of ppls were going to head from all different directions for naught if I didn’t act fast*. I got this recording. Yes, that’s not unusual. Here’s the strange part…

Are you ready for this? (I can’t believe someone may still be reading this far down). The recording was a BRITISH WOMAN! Um, this is NE Ohio. Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. But it was weird.

Turns out I did talk to a couple of ppl there, & we’re going to have to re-schedule our beer stop cause they closed down the microbrewery w/ no plans to re-open soon.

Am I a hero for finding this all out in the nick of time? Did I feel like a hero? Well, I don’t really buy into the whole labeling thing, but….

*This may be a slight exaggeration.

2 thoughts on “brew-ha-ha

  1. I’m glad you caught it time… sounds like it could have been a disaster.

    I would have had no idea what you were talking about with the two beers if my brother hadn’t recently become obsessed with brewing his own beer. Some of his beers are actually the best beers I’ve ever tried. And to think I once wondered if he would ever be able to hold down a steady job.

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