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Yesterday, I met someone from Virginia Tech. I had spoken with him on the phone a couple of weeks ago when he was thinking of moving here to Cleveland for grad school after he graduates from VT this month. He just showed up & told me how much he loved Cleveland, just having spent the day here. As y’all know, I just love this place. I love the ppl & the crazy beautiful weather. Yes, the weather is whimsical, but aren’t we all?

Anyway, today is May 4th. That means something to a Kent alum. I remember my years at Kent, going to the vigils in remembrance of that day. The day itself was spent on Taylor Hill, among the daffodils. Sitting or laying on the hillside, listening to musicians inspired by the event, or listening to those who lived through it talk. You could feel something in your gut when you heard them recount their stories. And that was 25 years after it happened; experiencing it through them.

This kid I met yesterday had been through quite a bit in this past month. He lost a friend in that shooting. He’ll be moving to Cleveland this July, & moving forward with his life. He signed his lease yesterday, & is ready to come here. He sees what Cleveland has to offer; & I have to admit, I was secretly thankful to Mother Nature for giving him such a gorgeous day to visit. His life is changed forever, but he is positive. All our lives are changed forever. Everytime some tragedy happens, it does affect all of us. We are all related to one another.

If you guys have never visited the Virginia Tech website, you should go to see the photo gallery. Click on ‘National Support’ & see those pics. I cried when I saw them, but I’m pretty much a baby anyway. They are very moving.

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  1. A moving and poignant post Yllw, and I’m sure your wonderful Clevelandian hospitality (as well as those of others) had a little to do with his decision.

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