springtime = mo pics

Hey everyone,
I haven’t been posting, but I’ve been visiting all your blogs/sites. I haven’t really felt like posting, & have been worried about the state of our relationships w/ each other. I mean in this country as a whole. How we all relate to one another. And I didn’t want to just keep harping on it. Ya know? So, I’ve just not posted.

Anyhoo, you should all know that it’s beautiful outside. Did’ja see 30 Rock last night?!? They were in love w/ Cleveland last night; so much so that they’ve put up a C-town guide on their site!!! Yes, I’m excited b/c I’m a Clevelander through & through, & I do love this town. It’s gorgeous here today.

Oh, if you like 30 Rock, you should try their online “Marry, Boff, or Kill” game. It’s a game they play on the show.

Ok, back to my whole “it’s beautiful outside” thing. It is. Beautiful. Gorgeous. And it inspires me to take more pics. I’m carrying my cam around w/ me again all the time; & if I see something, I’m documenting it. Also, this week’s PhotoFriday challenge is “Country”. AND I’m going out of town on holiday, & I’ll be driving through the countryside!!! So, I’m planning on submitting my pic this coming week.

Hope y’all are doing fine. And I hope to have more to post soon.

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