Wonder Woman

So, yesterday I went to the grocery store just down the street to pick up some eggs for breakfast. I’ve been sick the last few days, & was feeling slightly better & was up to just going out to run a quick easy errand. So, I head to the store, walk in past the cashiers, & cut through a check-out counter that wasn’t manned. There was this large woman in a green velour sweat-suit looking over the magazines in the checkout line next to the one I cut across. I noticed her b/c:

1- She was quite large. Not fat. Just large, like the Amazon women from the Wonder Woman series. Like, her bone structure was just larger than a normal woman’s would be. *Ok, I need to stop using the word ‘large’ here. I don’t mean it in a bad “fat” way.

2- Her perfume was quite overwhelming. I don’t normally wear perfume; I might spray some on by myself once a year. Perhaps a couple of times a year, when I’m getting ready for something w/ my two sisters, they may spray some on me to try out.

So, I just noticed her at first, walked past her on my way to the dairy case as she was putting her things on the conveyor belt. I got my eggs, & went back to the express lane to check out. I paid for my eggs, & was walking towards the door just as green-velour-amazon-lady was looking through her proportionate purse to pay for her groceries.

That’s when I actually saw her face for the first time. She was a he!!

Now, I know this isn’t a big deal. Esp since I know I live in a predominantly gay area. But what got me was how much effort this person put into her looks on a Sunday morn (ok, afternoon, whatever. So I slept in; I was sick, remember?)

I was proud of myself for having showered that day. I’d put on my moisturizer/spf so that I don’t end up w/ wrinkles. And I go to the grocery store to see that this ‘woman’ had not only showered, & put on moisturizer, but also full make-up, did up her hair, had on full eye makeup (w/ the false eyelashes), EVERYTHING!

To tell you the truth, this kinda made me feel a little guilty that I haven’t put that much into how I look lately. When I was younger, I used to at least wear some lipstick, eye-brightener & mascara daily. (Then again, I also never went out w/out glitter on either.) I enjoy being female b/c I do get to dress nice, & wear make-up, & play w/ my hair to look pretty. It’s fun, I do enjoy it all.

But then I remembered that I was sick, & it’s fine not have to do all that stuff if I don’t feel like it.

One thought on “Wonder Woman

  1. The More You Know:

    Woman shouldn’t be in quotes.

    She wasn’t a he. She was a she, who used to be a he.

    Transpeople have a lot of pride in their appearance, and many try to “pass.” And it has nothing to do with being in a gay area; gender expression differs from sexual identity, though this woman may feel more comfortable in a gay neighborhood than in others.

    And I think she’d take your Wonder Woman comment as a compliment.

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