minimum wage

As some of you know, I sometimes refer to my bff’s site & some things that she posts there. She doesn’t post very often anymore (like she used to); but that just means that she really needed to post it. Anyway, her recent post is about money; well, about a few things, but I’m gonna talk about the money part. This really hits home for me today, b/c I just spent the last hour calculating my budget for the next 3 months. I’m trying very hard right now to do some things. I’ve invested a lot into the life that I have right now, & I don’t want to see it fall apart frivolously. I’m at a key point in my relationship with Mr. T; & as Urban Cowgirl mentioned the other day, many a relationship has fallen doom to financial issues.

I’m not gonna touch the government’s money problems. I know that’ll take forever; plus they’re changing the student loan rules/laws/terms right now, as we speak (again).

But there was one particular sentence in there that I’ve actually almost posted about last December (but I just didn’t post much til recently due to lack of time). “And the inflation is NOT in sync with the raises of minimum wage…”

I don’t know what local issues y’all voted on last November, but one of our issues was to raise minimum wage. I don’t normally like to talk about how I vote about things, b/c ultimately, I don’t think it should matter. I am not really swayed by what most ppl have to say, so why would anyone want to know what I have to say. And if they do care so much, they should really evaluate how they think for themselves.

You know the line from that Kanye West song: “Before you ask me to get a job today, can I at least get a raise on a minimum wage?”*

Last November, our community voted to raise minimum wage. Sounds great, I guess. But what good is it to raise minimum wage, if you don’t make accommodations for doing so? Obviously, we need to raise it b/c of inflation, & ppl just need more money to barely scrap by. BUT, even with the raise, they’re still gonna be scrapping by. That means that if someone was just under the cusp, & was receiving WIC or some other sort of government assistance; & now they’re making just slightly more, & may no longer qualify.

Sometimes I feel that for all the strides that we think we make, we still fall short b/c we don’t see things through to the end. Sorry to have such a Debbie Downer post today, but I’m not feeling very positive this morn.

*you know how some ppl can relate everything to a Seinfeld epi? For me, it’s Friends & Kanye.

One thought on “minimum wage

  1. Wa, wa wa….debbie downer. I love her.
    Awomen sista! I didn’t want to expand on the politics of it too much either, cause you know how I can be. I’d still be going off on it. But i will say that I am very very worried about this country and the future freedom (financial freedom is super important!) of anyone younger than me. 😦
    So glad I got to see you the other day. What a big surprise! I wish I was soberer when you got there though. I loves me some you. Oh, but no matter how much I love you, I will never really like Kanye. I guess that makes me on team seinfeld. Actually, I’d like to be on team jared leto. I’ve always dug men with black nail polish. xoxo!

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