Hi. You know the times I’ve complained about police brutality?

I’m not against cops. I think they have an extremely dangerous (read: scary) job. I know the majority of them are great, great, great ppl. They are fathers & brothers & uncles & friends. They are the ppl in your neighborhood; they ppl that you see each day.*

*yes, I know that was corny. But if you know me at all, you know that deep down inside me is not a soft nougat-y center, it’s all corn yo.

But if there is a cop that gets all worked up, here is why he/she may have reason to feel that way. This is an article about 2 separate incidents that happened on the same night, an hour & just a couple of miles apart.

I actually started writing this post yesterday, & was distracted & eventually forgot to post it. Anyway, so then today, I wake up & hear about THIS. More craziness.

So, I just wanna say that when I write about crazy cops, it’s not that I’m singling out the cops. I’m singling out the crazies. I just don’t like it when things get carried away, & all out of hand. You know these ppl who are this way? Where they get so out of control. I don’t care if they’re hoodlums, or cops, or a disgruntled employee, or whomever. Don’t they have ppl? You know what I’m talking about? Like I have ppl in my life that will keep me in check; I call them my sisters. If I’m doing something they think is going to lead to something bad, they will def call me out on it. I have a couple of close friends & I have Mr. T. If I’m feeling down, they’ll notice & try to help.

Where are the ppl? Everyone has ppl in their life. Even if they don’t reach out to them. Those ppl should notice & respond accordingly. I think that we are just so apathetic sometimes. I remember studying about diffusion of responsibility; & the woman who got stabbed in NYC while a dozen ppl heard her cries for help & didn’t think to do anything b/c they thought someone else would. I think we all have a personal responsibility to say or do something, anything, if we think it could help.

I was at a college fair held for high schoolers recently, & the family (mother/daughter team) next to me were going from table to table asking each school if they had a musical theatre program. I know it was none of my business, but I went up to the mother, & admitted that I had overheard her last conversation & mentioned a school in Chicago that I knew of that had a really great program (that school was not at that particular fair). Today, I went to the mailroom in our building & saw that they had these pretty flowers in a vase. But the water was getting contaminated b/c there were leaves under the water. So, I mentioned that if she stripped the leaves off the part of the stem that’s underwater, the flowers would last a week longer. Now, maybe (read: probably) I do butt into a lot of things that really don’t concern me. But this is just how I am; I’ve come to terms with it.

Maybe I need to come to terms with ppl not caring. ~sigh~

2 thoughts on “diffusion

  1. Oh boy…
    first of all, the auxiliary cops should not have chased a man with a gun who had already proven he’d use it when they had nothing to arm themselves with.

    It’s a shame because, like you say, somebody somewhere knows that this guy was nuts and just didn’t do anything about it before he killed four innocent people. I’m sure it will come out soon enough that he had soem history of mental illness, trouble or some kind of criminal record, or an alcohol or drug problem and should have never been able to acquire a gun.

    They say true evil is when good men do nothing, so feel free to interject of you know you are going to be helpful! 😉

  2. true evil is when good men do nothing

    Genn, I’ve never heard that before; I like it. Well, I don’t like it/like it, but I understand it & feel it.

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