boys are punks

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that one of the things I had to do was make sure my brother ate healthy. I mean, he really doesn’t eat healthy. He’s a teenage boy & he’s got super fast metabolism, so he eats whatever he wants & it doesn’t really show on him. Anyway, I’ve cooked for him before & he ate everything I made. I mean, ate it, took seconds & liked what I cooked.

Well, with my parents gone, he wouldn’t eat anything. I mean, barely anything at all. PLUS, he would announce every day that he was losing weight; he lost about 10 lbs. while they were away. This was just great; exactly what I need. For my parents to put me in charge of their only son (the one who’s gonna carry on their family name); & have them return to find him all skin & bones. Fantastic.

I don’t want y’all to think I can’t cook, cause I can. Remember, he ate whatever I made before they left on their trip. Also, for Mr. T’s b-day, he asked me to make him lamb, & I made this delicious braised lamb with apples. It was amazing. So, it’s not that my food isn’t delicious, cause it is.

My brother’s just a punk. Further evidence that boys are punks.

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