My life as a 12-year old girl

Today’s post is actually 2 separate installments of my real-life conversations. One actually happened during the month of January, & the other yesterday. While I consider myself extremely intelligent, sometimes I realize I come off as a 12-year old girl. The following are examples of these circumstances.

In January, my parents decided to leave us visit India for a month. Yes, they took off for a month-long vacation to India. During this time, I took over their guardian role for my teenage brother. He’s in high school, so I took him to a college day thing, & I was in charge of cooking dinner, making sure he ate*, did homework, & also the fun job of chauffeuring him to & fro his important high school activities. On one such occasion, I was to pick him up from a group study session (or group project, or something):

[I pull up & he comes out of the building. As he approaches the car, a Justin Timberlake song comes on the radio.]
Me: Ooouuu, you lucked out! This JT song just began.
Him: Uh, I don’t like Justin Timberlake.
Me: Oh, so maybe you’re not so lucky. [as I proceed to turn the volume up.]

At work yesterday, this woman called me & gave me her address so that I can send her something. She lives in Arlington, VA; right next to the nation’s capitol.

Me: so that’s xxx Garfield Street? Garfield, as in the cat?
Her: uhhh….
Me: [light bulb going off]Um, I guess that’s probably Garfield, as in the president, huh? [realizing that a street named Garfield next to the nation’s capitol is named after a former prezzie, not a kitty.]
Her: Yeah, it’s Garfield like the president.

2 thoughts on “My life as a 12-year old girl

  1. Hah, those convos are pretty funny. And since Garfield the President and Garfield the Cat are spelled the same … you could’ve just told her you wanted to check the spelling. Though I don’t know how else to spell Garfield.

  2. What makes it pathetic is that I instantly thought of a cartoon cat instead of thinking like an adult.

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