Mr. T’s b-day & let the weirdness ensue

I now have more free time, but find myself at the unusual loss for things to say. Trust me, this is rare. So, I’m going to share with y’all a tale of my night last night. Yesterday was my bf, Mr. T’s, birthday. We’re gonna call him Mr. T, cause this is my page, & I can call him whatever I want.

So, we went out to celebrate to one of our regular places, & met this unusual couple. Unusual b/c the dude was 20 years her senior? Nope. Unusual b/c they were sooooo incredibly screwed up. Now, normally I don’t go around saying this about ppl. Well, not out loud anyway, & even when I do, it’s usually in confidence to just one other person. But this couple was so screwed up & I can’t even believe ppl are this way.

At 1st, they seemed nice, & they were pretty nice. The guy was telling us how great their relationship was (I’m in a great relationship too, but I don’t go around announcing it), & the girl was agreeing. blah-blah. Seems normal enough. Now, the girl starts up a flirt-fest. Now, I know nonchalant friendliness, & obvious flirting. This was waaaay beyond that. This was a major flirt-fest. I mean, the girl had on handcuffs & was chatting up every guy there. She was Anna Nicole in training.

Sorry, that just came out. I think the reason I haven’t had much to comment on is b/c Anna Nicole is everywhere you go. You just can’t get away from her. I know we’re on a massive man-hunt for Osama Bin Laden Anna Nicole’s baby-daddy. It could seriously be ANYONE; it’s like one of those murder mysteries where you must suspect everyone. Sadly, I know someone like her in real life too; where if she discovered today that she was pregnant, it could be one of a gaggle of guys. That’s the 2nd time today I used the word gaggle. I may be at the beginning of a phase where I start to use it often, so beware.

Anyway, so this girl last night. She was out with her old man (heehee, get it, cause he was 2 decades older? Not that there’s anything wrong with that). So, she was out with ole-dude, & she was out to flirt. If you’re looking to find yourself a new man… um… you don’t take your current guy along for the ride. It’s just rude & disrespectful. And she went on & on about how she’s never cheated on a bloke. It’s splitting hairs. Yeah, she’s never cheated, but so what? It’s not like she’s being emotionally or mentally faithful. Just because she’s been physically faithful (according to her), that’s not much.

I can’t even go on. I can’t go into detail how out there crazy this couple was, but I do know that they could possible win a prize for being in one of the most unhealthy relationships ever.

I hope to have more things of substance to post eventually. Sorry for the rambling today. But it was just such a strange night.

One thought on “Mr. T’s b-day & let the weirdness ensue

  1. Funniest things ever….I know we’re on a massive man-hunt for Osama Bin Laden Anna Nicole’s baby-daddy.

    That made me laugh out loud and feel good that I’m not the only one that thinks that way.

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