yo-yo-yo, I’m back, yo.

What up, all my ppls! I’m totally relaxed now. I am mostly moved into my new place; it’s completely grand like you wouldn’t believe. I love, love, LOVE it. I am lovin life right now.

I don’t really get into when ppl spell love, ‘luv’. What’s that all about? I don’t think I ever went through a phase when I did that.

But I am so incredibly happy. I am well rested. I had the day off yesterday, & relaxed, & worked hard, & then relaxed some mo’. I came into work this morn & my boss was like, “How was your day off?”. And my reply was some of what I said above, & then I said:
“I feel like I am ready to battle elephants”

To which he just laughed. Then I realized that I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I might actually be ready to battle elephants, so I added:
“Not that I want to battle elephants, b/c I don’t.”

So, I don’t think anyone’s gonna put me on elephant-battlin duty today. phew. That was a close call. Lesson: You really gotta watch what you say in life, or ppl might take you up on it.

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