PhotoFriday: Strange

Can you tell I’m such a procrastinator. I have a ton to do, & it’s not like I don’t want to do it, I desperately need to find a new place asap. I just don’t feel like making a bunch of phone calls. And my mind wanders, & I was wondering what the PhotoFriday challenge was for this week, cause in all honesty, I haven’t even checked up on them ever since I thought they started putting up lame challenges way back last Fall. So, I stopped participating.

But this week’s challenge is “Strange”, & it made me think of these trees I saw in Phoenix when I was there last September. Take a look:It’s kinda strange, but mainly just weird. My cousin & I went out to lunch at this yummy place (forget the name), & in the parking lot were all these trees. A LOT of them had these weird, un-natural shaped trunks. I mean, it’s un-natural right? No normal trees grow this way. This was definitely man-altered right?

You can click on the pic to see it enlarged & in all it’s glory. And as usual, you can click here to see other PhotoFriday submissions in the link-viewer.

2 thoughts on “PhotoFriday: Strange

  1. I have no idea how that tree got its strange shape, but it sure does fit the PhotoFriday challenge. Maybe there was an old parked truck that was left for a week or two and the tree basically brushed up against it? That’s the best I can come up with.

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