can we get some adults up in here?

WHAT IS GOING ON?!? Ok, I really don’t have the time to be blogging/posting, but seriously ppl, can’t everyone behave whilst I gotta get my stuff done?

In the House, we’ve got one Representative calling his colleague a whore. Ok, dude, you do realize that if you’ve gotten anywhere in the political arena, you got there by being a whore. So, Rep. Joe Baca (CA – Dem.), you’re a whore too. It takes one to know one. I’ve decided to use phrases that these 5-year olds can relate to. And lil chica, you don’t have to be a baby.

I’ve definitely been called way worse than a whore in my life, & it never made me quit anything. In all honesty, it didn’t impact me in any way. The only time when anything anyone says really gets to me is if that person means something special to me in the first place. And in those situations, they would prob use some sense of decorum to illustrate whatever they were getting at, b/c they most likely care about me too.

And GEEZ-LOUISE, Biden. Are you for real? I’m still not over when you pissed me off last July. Now, Joe’s talking about how great it is that this African-American can speak properly, cleans up well, & showers regularly. Ok, so that’s not exactly what he said. But I think it’s preposterous that he says that he says this is the 1st African-American in the public eye like this. It’s just the beginning of Black History Month, so I can’t wait to see everyone explode over this.

In other news, I’m totally gonna admit something to y’all. Sometimes, I notice little details in movies & stuff. Like I’ll complement the furniture in a scene, I always notice the music, & I’ll notice an outfit or something totally superficial like that. Well, sometimes I don’t notice the most obvious of things. Like, looking through the mag rack, I noticed that Barrack Obama was on the cover of Ebony magazine w/ his wife. I was like, oh that’s nice, a guy & his wife on the cover looking like they care about each other. I like to see couples that can still get along after years & years. It caught my eye b/c normally they only put black/African-American ppl on the cover of Ebony. So, I stopped to look at it closer & got that “oooohhhh” moment. You see, I didn’t realize that Monsieur Obama was black (I always thought he was Persian). I knew Michelle was, I just thought they were in an interracial marriage. So, sometimes I just don’t notice the extreme obvious.

One thought on “can we get some adults up in here?

  1. at least your notice of Obama on the cover of Ebony shows you don’t automatically assume he is black, like a lot of people have. Obama is mixed-race; his mother was a white woman from Kansas and his father was a black man from Kenya, both are now deceased. To add to the confusion, he has an Indonesian stepfather and half-sister. No Persians involved. 😉

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