where d’ja go?

Heehee, yeah, I know, y’all have been here all along. But I did turn the tables w/ the title, huh? Whatever, I thought it was funny.

So, I haven’t bloogged in a while (no, that wasn’t a typo, I was simply saying ‘blog’ w/ a British accent). Sorry to those of you who never experienced me in one of my ‘silly moods’. I think & say things that may make no sense whatsoever, but I do crack myself up in the process.

So, I don’t know how often I’ll be blogging until the end of February. As some of you know, I work in a field involving musicians, & this Monday starts my audition days. I need to accommodate over 1000 auditionees & I usually hire about 23-30 ppl to help me w/ the process. Wish me luck. Now, in the past, I have bloogged through audition season, BUT this year, I’m also apt hunting, to move into a place by Feb. 15th. Yes, folks, if you did the math, that means I have less than 3 weeks to find & move into a place. Well, find mostly. I can slowly move myself after I find the place.

In other news, I now have a MySpace page. Well, not so much a page as an account I guess. I haven’t like ‘pimped my page’ (does that sound dirty to anyone else) yet. So, I mainly started up an account b/c my dear, darling friend Liz (she of the motivational poster fame) had the brilliant idea to tour the 13 breweries in NE Ohio. Well, it turned out there were only 11, b/c 2 of them were actually like sub-brew pubs located in one humongo brewery. So, she’s making up a punch-card thingie, & we’re gonna hit em all up during the course of the year. But I needed a MySpace account to be able to post comments & stuff. Also, some of my other friends have MySpace blogs that I would hear about, but never got to really read or comment on, cause I didn’t ‘belong’.

So, back to our whole 2007 NE Ohio Brewery Tour. There’s an official MySpace page for it all here. If any of you blog-friends o mine find yourselves here in Ohio, & wanna come join in our festivities, there’s a an official schedule of the places we’re gonna visit on that MySpace page. We’d have to get official permission from the whole group I think, but I’m sure it’s a ‘definite possibility’ (as Mr. T would say).

3 thoughts on “where d’ja go?

  1. Joe- I do prefer Blogger to the MySpace for my blog itself. MySpace is quite intriguing to me right now; I’m just beginning though on it, so it might be the novelty of it all.

    bP (Jay)- I’ll add you; & I tried to send you the chocolate hazelnut stout they had, but somehow by the time I was done getting the shipping box ready, the beer was gone. There was no one around, so I have no idea where it could’ve gone! I was filled w/ chocolaty nuttiness though. haha.

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