ya say ya wanna a res-o-lu-tion….

I know, I know, I’ve been MIA. It happens. It happens to you too, & you know it. Anywhoo, I know y’all are dying to know what my resolution is this year. I found that when I post my resolutions I actually follow them. I had the same resolution for 2 years straight, & never accomplished it. Then, last year, I posted it here, & voilà! C’est fini!

So, I’ve decided to post all my resolutions, so that I actually man-up & accomplish them. It feels good to do what you set out to do at the beginning of the year.

Sooo, here’s my resolution for this year. I wanna use ‘chill’ more often as an adjective. I use it currently as a verb a lot. I saw this Bollywood movie about 4-5 years back* where the dude was like “Chill, baby, Chill!”, & ever since then, I’ve been saying that to my mom a lot whenever she gets stressed (read: a lot). My mom hates it, but I just can’t stop myself. Honest! It just comes out, & then it makes me giggle (or at least smile if I’m tryin to stifle the giggly).

The point being that I want to use it as a adjective more. Like, ‘that’s chill’. Or, ‘that’d be chill’. No, wait, that 2nd one’s a noun, right? Yeah, it is. Well, I’m ok w/ using it as an adjective & noun more often. Anyway, that’s the only context I’ve got so far. Feel free to use it more around me.

Oh, & if any of you were hung-over yesterday, I totally meant to remind you all of my lil antidote to help recover from feeling nauseous on January 1st, but I didn’t have any time to post. I seriously had no time to do anything until now. But the antidote still works year round for nauseousness, & it also helps if you have some Green Tea. I like the Salada green tea, cause it has some citrus in it too, like orange zest or something, it’s good whatever it is. I like my green tea iced, but drink it however you like.

Kudos! Salut! Bonne Année! Happy New Year to y’all! Peace out, yo.

*maybe my sister will leave us a comment to clue me on what movie it was, b/c I never remember the names of movies (or a lot of tv shows either now-a-days).

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