actors & hookers

You know what I was thinking about last night? I was thinking about how actors & prostitutes are pretty much the same.

I mean, they both do & say as they are told. There is someone there to “direct” their actions. The prettier ones make a lil more moolah. They both get paid just for showing up & doing/saying what they’re told.

Then I started thinking about Will Smith. I think I was thinking about all this b/c I saw some commercial for that new movie of his before I went to bed. I wasn’t watching tv, but you know how if the tv’s on, it’s in the corner of your eye?

So, then I was thinking how Big Willie started out mostly in music, & is now mainly acting. And his wife was mostly acting before, & now she’s mainly singing (she’s always on tour w/ her band whenever I hear about her). Funny, huh? (ironic-funny, not haha-funny).

UPDATE: After I wrote this, I remembered when I was in school. I went into my undergrad to study architecture & sociology. I recalled that in my 2nd year of studio, we were told that architects are like whores, b/c you have to ‘put out’ whatever the client wants. Only a very select few will ever get to design what they truly want. I eventually switched outta arch, & just finished w/ a major in Sociology, which I love.

5 thoughts on “actors & hookers

  1. I think the same logic could be applied to a lot of jobs. For instance, when co-workers come to me with problems, they always get a happy ending.

  2. same thing happened to Mark Wahlberg. He was Donnie’s little brother, then he was Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch, then he was Mark Walhberg, actor, and now Donnie is Mark’s older brother…

    So maybe it’s all in how you pimp it? 😉

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