my gay Christmas

So, I put a smile on some truck driver’s face this morn. Wanna know how? I was rockin out in my car to my gay Christmas music. Last night, I went through my cds & found what I was looking for. My fave Christmas mix that I made a few years back.

So, I was totally rockin out in my car. Dancin in my seat, boppin my head, shakin all around, & singin my own harmonies when their was just music & no words. This is ‘how I do’ when I’m by myself.

But it makes me happy. And I know this pickup truck driver was one of the construction ppl who’s having a hard time getting the project they’re working on done, b/c they keep getting bothered by ppl who know nothing (that reminds me of Schultzie from Hogan’s Heroes “I know NUTT-THING!”). Sorry, I’m just completely cracking myself up this morn. Anyway, what I meant to say is that the pick-up truck driver-dude saw me boppin around, & I know he thought I was silly, but at least for an instant he wasn’t all worried about his day. And that’s kinda cool.

Ok, so back to my Gay Christmas music. Now, don’t get all ‘huffy-puffy-whaddya-mean-gay-music’. I’m not sayin it in a bad way at all. There’s diff types of music. Let’s all face it. Esp w/ Christmas. There’s the breathy Christmas music (ie, ‘Santa Baby’, & any Christmas song done by Christina Aguilera). There’s the sentimental stuff (ie, Nat King Cole or Bing Crosby).

And then there’s what I was listening to this morn. Christmas music written by George Michael. Actually, it was 2-fold gay, cause not only is it George Michael music (which I love, love, LOVE; btw); but it’s also a version of his song that’s sung by 2 gay-homosexuals. Yes, I know it’s redundant to say gay-homosexual, but that’s just how I roll.

It’s the little things I do that crack myself up. I do tend to amuse myself. Like, one of my fave things to do is to mix up numbers & letters when I’m making lists. I’ll start off w/ the 1, 2, 3, then put down ‘d’. It cracks me up! I know, it’s silly, but I’m just a corny person who loves corny stuff. I also love Bob Newhart & his old funny records.

5 thoughts on “my gay Christmas

  1. I’m a sentimental Christmas music kind of gal. I didn’t even know George Michael had produced and Christmas music. Shows how up I am on my pop culture trivia. 🙂
    OH, and I love, Love, LOVE John Denver & the Muppets Christmas music! In the 12 Days of Christmas song, Beaker sings his part but he’s really just singing “me, me, mee, me, mee”. HIL-AR-I-OUS!

  2. You know what?! Last night, when I went on the search for this mix of mine, I thought I’d burn an extra copy of it for you, cause I KNOW you’d totally dig it!

    I know, I know; I’m a lil ‘exclamation-point-happy’ today. Sorry.

    But the last two songs aren’t that great, & they’re all scratched up, so I’m gonna replace them (I think I’m gonna add the Chipmunks’ song too), & give you a copy of the cd after. Kewl?

  3. Yeah, & there was that Cher Christmas song on that cd too. Cher’s not gay, but she’s def a ‘gay-icon’.

  4. George Michael should get together with The Scissor Sisters and make an album called “A Very Gay Christmas” with a hidden bonus-track by Clay Aiken. 😉 I would buy a copy for my rigid family members as a Xmas gift.

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