the Am. public doesn’t stand for anything

Everyone, I mean everyone has been talking about how wrong Mel Gibson was. I didn’t think that anyone would go out to see his movie.

And everyone’s been concerned about blood diamonds. We’ve all seen the video. We’ve heard Kanye’s song, & the remix w/ Jay-Z.

Plus, isn’t Leo ‘posed to be like the Golden Child (or Golden Boi, or whatever it’s called)? AND, there was that amazing story about how he defended Djimon Hounsou when someone threatened his life.

After all that, I just can’t even believe that ppl went out & paid close to $10 a pop to support Mel’s movie, instead of going to watch Blood Diamond. I heard that most of Mel’s movie was filled w/ tons of violence just for action & crap. And in Blood Diamond, they actually didn’t even show the severity of the conflict & how bad it was, b/c they didn’t want ppl to think they were blowing it up or hyping it up. They actually didn’t show how bad the violence actually was (& is) out there in the diamond trade.

I just have to say, I’m disappointed in the American public this weekend.

4 thoughts on “the Am. public doesn’t stand for anything

  1. Yeah, this basically surprised me as well. I believe what explains it is that most of the public that went to see Apocacrapto don’t go to the multiplex very often. They enjoyed Mel’s propaganda a couple years ago and decided to check out his next installment.

    Anyway, it signals a sad state of affairs for a certain segment of the American public.

  2. It just goes to show how selfish we are that we won’t “speak” with our money because we still want what we want. Like gasoline; when it was $3.00 a gallon we bitched but we still bought it (if we could afford to) and did little to conserve. All we really did was tell the big oil companies we couldn’t wait for them to screw us again next summer.

    My first thought would have been, I don’t give a shit what he makes a movie about or who’s side he thinks he’s on, but I’m not going to give that hateful bastard a dime of my money!

    But apathy occurs when seeing the movie is more important to them than the fact that Gibson’s a closed-minded lunatic even among them.

  3. Let’s get real people. Everything that we invest in has some tie to dastardly deeds! This is America; if we knew how to speak with our money, Wal-Mart would have long ago shut down.

  4. Yeah, but ppl didn’t go out to see M.I. 3 b/c of crazy-Tom’s behavior. I thought that this would not do as well in the box office too for the same reason.

    But, it makes me feel like racism is more tolerable than declaring your (crazy) love.

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