more police brutality

Or, How the Cops killed Cindy Lou Who

I’ld like to say that I’m not one to harp on a subject, but I am. I know you guys have already seen this story about the NYPD firing 50 shots at 3 men?

The guy they killed was to get married that day in a few hours. They shot & wounded his 2 friends. One was shot 3 times & the other 11 times.

Now if all this doesn’t bother you enough, there’s more. The guy they shot 3 times; one of the shots went into his hand. Now, after shooting these guys, the one in his hand, they put handcuffs on these wounded guys as they were taking them to the emergency room of the hospital.

Ok, here’s the other thing. If I were of the position that I didn’t care what line the cops crossed to protect society. Which of course, you all already know that I think that a lot of ppl in authority tend to abuse their power. But say I thought that it’s totally ok for 5 of the 7 cops present to open fire & shoot off FIFTY bullets at 3 unarmed men. Say I thought that this is how all cops in all cities should be. Let that be a lesson to the criminals, right? Well, how about the fact that only 21 of the 50 bullets actually hit the car that the 3 unarmed guys were in?

I don’t know about y’all, but cars are pretty big, & I would think that if you give a dude a gun to protect me, then hopefully their aim would be a lil better than that. I mean seriously ppl. More than HALF of the bullets were then stray bullets that coulda hit lil Cindy-Lou-Who whose dad was dropping her off at her mom’s house after spending her weekend w/ daddy (since she’s from a broken home). Now, Cindy-Lou-Who (who is having a hard enough time after re-locating from Whoville, & now is trying to cope w/ the huge custody battle from the divorce) is now laying in a hospital bed fighting for her life cause she got hit from one of the bullets that the police (who were supposed to be protecting her) accidentally hit her w/.

9 thoughts on “more police brutality

  1. Ok, I think it’s sad that Cindy Lou-Who is injured due to a stray bullet – however, I’m not sympathetic to the guy the cops shot because he MUST have been doing SOMETHING BAD or EXTREMELY ENDANGERING to warrant shooting him. I don’t believe cops randomly begin shooting without just cause. There are rules and procedures to be followed and 99% of the time there are honest cops doing their job to the best of their ability. Let me stress, I am very sad for the innocent bystanders – I really am! I am NOT sad, though, that the world now has one less criminal to worry about.
    PS Let’s just agree to disagree on this particular topic. 🙂 HUGS!

  2. Sorry about that last comment – I got a bit excited before I properly conducted research … ok, so the cops possibly did act out of line and are being investigated due to use of excessive force. AND they were in an undercover operation thus the victims were unaware they had “messed with the law”. BUT I stand by my previous statement and I truly don’t believe that all cops, all the time, use excessive force or get kicks from firing their guns at people. AND I do believe if someone acts criminally and risks hurting others then they should be appropriately punished.

  3. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think most cops (like 95%) are totally cool, & are super-brave to serve us & our society the way they do.

    But some do go too far. I don’t really have a solution to it (maybe periodic psych testing?, not just to find those that let power go to their head, but also to prevent those that are super stressed by the job).

    I do def respect MOST cops though. I even tell them. I’ve prob been pulled over 4 times in the last 16 months, & I always leave them w/ a “goodbye, stay safe out there”, b/c I know they put their lives in jeopardy every day they go to work.

  4. You’ve been pulled over 4 times recently! Wow! 2 things:
    1) I’m excited to say I haven’t been pulled over since Fall 05 and
    2) When I get married my insurance is going down SO MUCH ’cause my hubby-to-be has such a great driving record! YEA!

  5. Ok, so, I knew I shoulda added in there that being pulled over 4 times in a short period is really nothing to be proud of. But I was pulled over for lil stuff, & I didn’t get tics or citations or whatever the kids are calling them these days.

    I did just get a $100 tic in the mail for speeding (48 in a 35) in a red-light cam area. Yuk 😦

  6. This incident looks very suspicious for the police. Let’s hope the media spotlight lasts so the public get some real answers as to what went down. However it always seems as though the police aren’t very cooperative in these police shooting investigations and like to drag these on. I’d also like to add that I read the car the shooting victims were driving actually hit one of the undercover officers, but the article was unsure if the car hit first or the officers shot first.

  7. I just do not get it…
    My dad was a cop,one of the hardest jobs out there…
    He worked Homicide and he was a credit to those who serve and protect…
    He took great pride,great pride in the fact that he had never had to cock his gun… NEVER! and he served and protected for 23 years…

  8. Pend.- WOW! Hats off to your pops. He’s one of the many brave who wear their uniforms (or non-uniforms) w/ pride.

    Like I said before, most are amazing. It’s a shame that just a few can really give them a bad name. Tell your dad I said “Thanks”.

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