mixed market

Dude, my girl just sent me this email about this site, Mixed Market.com. Apparently, if you shop (uh, like I breathe) at any of the stores they’re affiliated w/, a percentage (I think 20%?) goes to certain charities.

Netflix is one of the companies; & I know my ppl are huge NetFlix ppl. I shop through Amazon like once a week (lately once every two weeks); so I’ll be shoppin via MixedMarket for my books.

It’s super-simple too. Just bookmark Mixed Market.com then, whenever you wanna buy something, just click on the store name through that website. It re-directs you to Amazon, or whereever, but it knows that you came through Mixed Market, so it’ll donate a percentage of whatever you pay (the amount you pay wouldn’t change) to a charity.

Here’s a list of all the stores that are affiliated w/ ’em.
Here’s a list of the charities they run to. At the site w/ all the charities, you can click on any charity to go directly to their website & learn a little more about it.

Kewl, huh? Thanks, Steph, for sharing & carin! Remember folks, only YOU can prevent forest fires!

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