a rose by any other name….

Ok, so the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens was a man previously known as Steven Georgiou, & eventually called himself ‘Yusuf Islam’, has released an album where he is simply going by ‘Yusuf’. Is he pulling a Madonna (or Cher)?

I’m all for ppl changing their minds. I know I’ll change my mind a million times, & then back to the original thought at the last sec. But I don’t do so in a way to confuse ppl. Even when he changed his name when he converted to Islam, I still called him ‘Cat Stevens’. So, I think I’m gonna continue to do so.

Even when Prince went to ‘the Artist’, I still called him ‘Prince’. He was always & has always been Prince to me. So, I’m gonna keep callin him Cat Stevens. Not ‘Cat’. The full name, Cat Stevens.

This reminds me of a story of a boy I met in my college days. Wanna hear? Ok.

So, my bff & I met this dude at a party, & (we swear) we were introduced to him as ‘Bob’. We met him at a party, & maybe it was the noise/music/medley of tonix*/whatev; but we thought his name was Bob. So, we continued to call him Bob for the next 6-8 years. I don’t know how long exactly, but a long time. We still see & talk to him. My bff is still good friends with him. Point is, a few years ago (3-4, again time can be hazy), he told us that his name was not Bob, but really Rob. He had always answered to Bob, b/c it didn’t bother him, but now he’s decided to let us know. So, for the next 2 years after finding out his real name, we (or mostly I) called him ‘Bob-Rob’, or alternatively ‘Rob-Bob’.

*tonix is a word made-up by moi. It’s a combination of tonics & toxics. It can apply to anything, & only I & others that may have been present at the time may know what it applied to in any given instance.

2 thoughts on “a rose by any other name….

  1. I just call him Diddy, but no one ever knows who I’m talking about until I say “you know, Puffy? Puff Daddy?”. I just like saying Diddy.

    D’ja know that Martha Stewart’s ‘codename’ for herself is M. Diddy? haha.

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