whoa! Riley’s got a point!

NO WAY! I can’t believe Riley actually made some sense here. He’s not the deep thinker out of the two brothers. This whole video game controversy is completely out of control.
I live in a nice neighborhood; & the moms I hear on the local news, & on the radio calling in everytime a new game is released. It drives me mad, b/c if you don’t want your son to play it, DON’T BUY IT. Ppl, control your children! Don’t have a hissy fit, & waste programming time to complain about something that is completely under your control.

Movies that are ‘rated R’ are restricted to 17 & up, right? Well, the games have ratings on them too. Teach your kids to respect you. If you say no to something, that means no. I don’t understand what the prob is. I’m sick of kids running rampant.

Also, I’m sick of the moms calling in & complaining about the video games being so violent; when I know the kids in her neighborhood do a ton of drugs. Seriously, ppl, get your priorities straight. She’ll call in, & say she’s from so & so neighborhood; a well-to-do neighborhood where the kids raid their parents medicine cabinets & have pharming parties.

Have y’all heard of the pharming parties? The kids have a party at someone’s house. Everyone invited brings their own prescription drugs, & their parent’s prescriptions, sometimes their grandparents if they get a chance to raid their medi-cabinet too. At the party, there’s a huge empty ‘punch bowl’ on the coffee table in the living room. Everyone empties their drugs into this. As you walk by it, you just pick up a pill or two & pop it. No one knows what they’re taking. They just take it, combine it w/ whatev else, & wait to see what happens.

Anyway, I think many other things are more important than complaining about video games, that have a rating on them anyway. God forbid parents actually have to talk to their kids & get to know them as human beings. Geez ppl, get to know your kids & find out who their friends are. Find out which friends are the punks (b/c we all know there’s gonna be some punks). You can’t choose their friends or tell them which ones they can’t be friends w/, but you can talk to them have an influence in their lives. Ya hear?

boondocks cartoon from 11/12/2006

2 thoughts on “whoa! Riley’s got a point!

  1. Excellent post. Pulp Fiction is perhaps my favorite film of all time, but there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of my letting my 11-year-old daughter view it. She knows the rule well: PG or G movies (with Harry Potter being a rare exception, as the last one was PG-13).

  2. Awesome blog. Mama thinks you are a genius and agrees with you about parenting. I am Mama’s only child…a fur child albeit..and everyone always comments on how well behaved I am.

    kudos to my Mama


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