Ok, I haven’t been posting b/c I’ve been so incredibly stressed out. I can’t even tell you what’s been going on. Real life can be way stranger than fiction. Everything in my life (literally every aspect of my life: work, home, personal friendships, love, family) has been turned upside down.

To try to take my mind off of things, I’ve spent this evening reading blogs. I’ve known this wonderful, beautiful girl for the last 3 years, & although I’ve known she had a blog, I was just waiting for her to share it w/ me for whenever she was ready. She’s now leaving the country to go to Africa for the next 2 months. Why? B/c her heart is big enough to give of herself to ppl everywhere who may need someone to help. That did help me feel better about the world. All is not lost.

Debbie says that her friend Kevin’s doing better. You guys, you won’t even believe what happened to him. He was walking down the street & got mugged. They beat him & beat him. Even as he went into unconsciousness, they beat him. He has been in a coma for the last few days. He woke from his coma today. That’s a step. It’s gonna be baby steps, but I hope he takes back his life.

Then, I went to Lozo’s blog. My heart felt the pain he’s going through w/ his mother. It’s hard to not be accepted by someone so close to you. But then, of course, I read a little further down, & read this post. It cracked me UP. But then at the end, he talked about fantasy football. His exact words were, “if you want to avoid burning the roof of your mouth, don’t try to eat any of my fantasy football teams because they are super hot.

This reminded me that I forgot to share my fantasy football question. So, here it be. (uh, my next post that is).

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