my fantasy football dilemma

Ok, so I’ve been teasin y’all w/ my fantasy football post. It’s not so much a post as it is a question. One of my daily blog-reads was offering expert advice to anyone who had a fantasy football question. Since I’m new to the whole concept of fantasy football (uh, or any football for that matter), of course I have a ton of questions.

Here is my fantasy football question. This question is now OPEN to all responses & any advice. I’d appreciate your input on my fantasy football problem. This is a real email I’ve really sent to someone trying to get help. And I got NO response. hmpf!

Dear Football Expert,
I’ve got Ricky Williams on my fantasy football team, & he swore to me he wasn’t gonna smoke pot during the season anymore. But I suspect he’s still gettin high.

I’ve confronted him about it, but he says that this doesn’t count cause it’s fantasy football, & they don’t have the same strict drug rules there. I don’t know that much about the regulations, so I don’t know if he’s just making that up! And then, he tried to make a pass at my mom! I just can’t control him & want to get rid of him, but he’s signed an ironclad contract. My only out is if I trade him for T.O., but hell hasn’t frozen over yet, so I can’t.

Please HELP!!!
Respectfully yours,

I have no idea why I got no response. I thought that was very unprofessional to offer fantasy football advice, then not respond when asked a question.

5 thoughts on “my fantasy football dilemma

  1. that’s horrible! your FF question would be fun to respond to.

    Don’t take Ricky too seriously now; he may have hit on your mom, but he’s a football player and he’s high; that’s just the way they roll, ya know?

    BTW, even after hell freezes over, you won’t be able to draft T.O., he’s likely to be there.

  2. Lol. That’s a pretty funny question. Especially for a fantasy football novice.

    I think Ricky is going to play in the CFL next year again. If he doesn’t break anything he should be ready for the NFL next season. Miami should have a stellar running game then. And Ricky is really misunderstood. Umm, he has a medical condition where he likes to smoke oregano. He just confuses oregano and weed a lot of the time. Yeah, that’s it.

  3. I am truly sucking at FFB this year. *sigh* Oh well, I usually start out ok and then sink like a stone. How are you doing this season?

    hugs from a fellow native Clevelander,

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