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Ok, so I had all intentions of posting my fantasy football question yesterday for everyone’s input.

But then I was sickened by what’s going on in Sudan & the Darfur region. Sickened. I don’t know what to do. It’s just horrible, & getting worse. I was going to post about that instead, but couldn’t even get actually make myself do it.

It’s just so sad that I sometimes think so much about it & my head hurts & all I can do is cry. B/c I can see them in my head. Helpless.

I do need to post about it though. I may tonight.

But in the meantime, I came across something else that was also disturbing. In a whole different spectrum of disturbance from the Darfur genocide. But it’s like apples & oranges. It’s still very disturbing also. You can scroll down to my ‘Evolution by Dove’ post & I’ve updated it to include the said annoyance.

4 thoughts on “still on topic

  1. Mama has cried over that Dafur place too and she once told Papa a story about the women in the Congo who are gang raped and beaten on a daily basis. Mama is very emotional like you. She wants to help these people and feels so helpless. Mama is a good samaritan.’
    She’s Angelina Jolie without the money and without Brad Pitt. (But she says Papa is better than Brad Pitt)


  2. One more thing…
    The link I posted above was esp. for Chelsea’s mama who doesn’t live here in the US.

    For those that live in the US, go back to this post of mine from before, & there is a link to write to the US gov’t. there. Again, it’ll work betta if you right-click & open in a new window.

  3. I believe there is a new British Play about Darfur. But I’m unable to find anything about it. I’m probably confusing things, and I don’t remember the title, which clearly doesn’t help.

    Also, thanks for updating the Dove vid post with the porfolio from FluidEffect. They really got me thinking and I had to post on the subject. Thanks to BlogPortland, there’s a link to Lena’s post on the vid as well (in my comments). Seems the Dove vid has sparked a good deal of discussion.

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