Are you ready for some football?

So, the ppl who know me best, know that I’m such a hardcore football patron. Heeheehee. Ok, so that’s totally not true. But it was funny.

But every now & then, I do have football comments. Now, I think “real hardcore football ppl” should really NOT read my football posts. B/c in all seriousness, it’ll prob just piss you off that someone who knows absolutely nothing about a subject is posting as if she does. So, that’s my disclaimer. Don’t come bitchin to me when you get mad if you keep reading.

Ok, now for the actual post…

So, yahoo is always putting up certain “featured articles” on my home page that they think the mass Yahooing public might find interesting. They actually posted this about a week & a half ago, but what can I say, I’ve been busy.

The article was about the possible trade of Randy Moss. Now, most ppl I know would know that normally I don’t even know the names of football players (well, except Eagles players, b/c my bf talks about them). But I do know Moss well. How do I know him? Well, that’s not important, is it? Fine, fine, I’ll tell ya. I know Randy Moss b/c they mentioned him in an OutKast song. So, whatever, maybe I exaggerated when I said I knew him “well”.

So anyway, I know Randy Moss plays for someplace warm. I’m not exactly sure where, but it’s def someplace warm. And they’re thinking of trading him to New England. Or, maybe New England wants him & want to trade someone for him. Either way, I know New England is in the NE somewhere & is cold.

Now, in my football expertise-opine, I think that this trade wouldn’t work simply b/c Randy used to play for someplace cold, & he went to someplace warm. I’m pretty sure it was b/c his fingers were too cold up there. Football players can’t really wear gloves when they’re playing b/c, you know, they have to like grip the ball & stuff.

Therefore, this trade will not happen. That’s all. Stay tuned for my ‘fantasy football’ post coming up!

5 thoughts on “Are you ready for some football?

  1. Interesting logic but how to do you explain when southern teams (eg Jacksonville FL) beat northern teams (eg Patriots) when they are competing on northern team’s field? I think the money is too big in football for the players to worry about the temperature of the area they’re playing in. You know? Like, your employer expects you to work in AC and you do it because, well, their paying you. Just my two cents…
    PS I can’t wait to read what you have to say about Fantasy Football!

  2. Um, what’s AC? Is it ‘air conditioning’, b/c I have to tell you, I think our air’s still on even though it’s snowing outside. My fingers almost fell off this morn!!!

    NO, that is NOT an exaggeration….
    ~sigh~ ok, so maybe it was an exaggeration. Whatev, don’t judge me.

  3. not that this is really related to your post except that it’s about football but i’m now in my fourth year at osu and i finally went to my first football game a couple of weeks ago here…the game wasn’t all that, i didn’t really get it except there were a bunch of guys running back and forth and jumping on each other but it really is crazy the number of people who get into the game and the football culture in general…i really don’t get it but i do recommend going to at least one football game

  4. yeah, AC is air conditioning. Can you believe that weather yesterday! Eegats! Our furnace wasn’t working last night so L & I were freezing – our poor noses! Oh, and the OSU ppl are crazy! They wear all red and they get so excited whenever the fight song is played – whoa! I was around few of them in Columbus on Saturday and it’s intense!

  5. Umm, some players, including WRs (wide recievers), wear gloves while they play. And many players wear gloves when it snows.

    Just FYI. Lol.

    We all can’t wait for the fantasy football post.

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