Ok, so just to let you know. I haven’t been gone the last couple of days, I’ve been trying to figure out how to expand & collapse my sidebar.

And I’ve finally GOT IT!! Yea!

I know it’s not really a big deal; but it kinda is to me. I hate clutter, & it felt like there was so much clutter in my sidebar. But it’s all cleaned up now.

So, I can watch the shows I taped tonight now. Some of you know that I pretty much refuse to watch anything at it’s regularly scheduled time. I tape everything & watch it whenever I want. That way, I’m not at the mercy of da man.

So, now I love ‘Ugly Betty’ & my reg ‘GA’.

If you’re a GA fan (um, that’s Grey’s Anatomy), go over to my sidebar. Under the “Waste Time” area, there’s a blog written by the GA writers, as they blog about each show they’ve just written after it airs. I think it’s pretty sweet.

I think I’m gonna love me some Blogger Beta now that I’ve kinda gotten the hang of it, & figured out how to adjust things to how I want them. There’s more to come….

Peace out, yo.

2 thoughts on “finally!

  1. I’m afraid to switch to beta. I hear bad things.

    I love love love GA. I will need to go to that blog right now.

  2. I heard lots of bad things about beta before too, so I waited. But they’ve fixed a lot. And they’re turn-around time for a prob being reported & fixed is pretty fast.

    But wait til you’re totally sure, b/c ya know what they say…

    “Once you go Beta, you never go back”.

    (Um, that’s not a joke, you really can’t switch back once you switch over).

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